Your Timeshare Refrigerator Will Treat You Better Than the Mini Bar Does

Timeshare vacation and stay on a healthy diet.The hotel mini bar can seem like your best friend when you are craving chocolate, peanuts or orange juice in the middle of the night, but here are some warnings about the costs from

It seems that not only can taking an item out of the mini bar, examining it, and then replacing it result in you being charged for it, but so can just jostling items around, even if you never remove them from the mini bar.

Timeshares with Kitchens Mean the Comforts of Home

Why deal with the challenges of a mini bar or mini fridge during your vacation? Most timeshares offer well-equipped kitchens with refrigerators of the full size variety, not the mini size. The convenience of a kitchen in your timeshare means that you can vacation and still stick to your healthy diet as much as you like.

For travelers on medically restricted diets or who need to refrigerate medications, a kitchen can eliminate struggling with ice in a cooler. And for all the travelers who are watching their budget as well as their diet, a kitchen in your timeshare unit means you save the cost of dining out, keeping your food expenditures comparable to what they would have been at home for the same period of time.

Vacations shouldn’t mean compromise or inconvenience. You wouldn’t choose to spend a week at home without your kitchen, and a timeshare vacation means you don’t have to do it when you travel, either.