Twitter and Who to Follow for Timeshare News and Buzz

To be candid, Twitter began as a social media platform that many in business did not take seriously. At first impression, it seemed like fragmented, disconnected comments bouncing around with no real direction or application.

Some of Twitter’s early adopters were pop culture icons, and frankly, a lot of business professionals didn’t see the value in following @britneyspears or @aplusk (Ashton Kutcher), although clearly millions of people do; Spears has over 8.9 million followers while Kutcher has nearly 7.4 million.

Yet slowly but surely, mainstream individuals began to “get it”. Twitter fever has spread to the point that today, millions of consumers and businesses are engaging via Twitter at any given moment … and in some categories of business it’s measured in billions.

Twitter and Timeshares

For businesses that use it well, Twitter becomes a dynamic messaging, public relations, and customer service tool. And for the timeshare industry, whose image takes a regular browbeating in the press, Twitter offers perhaps the single-most important platform for changing the misconceptions and battling the misinformation that is out there about timeshares.

At Sell My Timeshare NOW, we tweet regularly under the following account:

Some leading publications in the timeshare and vacation ownership industry also actively utilize Twitter.

Perspective Magazine and Owners Perspective tweet under the following accounts:

Resort Trades Magazine tweets under these account names:

Take the Twitter Timeshare Challenge

If you are part of the vacation ownership industry or interested in timeshares and fractionals as an owner, buyer, renter, seller, or prospective consumer, you need to be part of the conversation on Twitter and you need to be following these informative accounts.

If you don’t have a Twitter account, you can set one up at no cost in a matter of minutes (seconds, really). Take the Twitter Timeshare Challenge and get active on your account. Follow others in the timeshare and vacation industry. Retweet the quality messages and information that others in timeshares are tweeting.

If you are a timeshare owner who enjoys your timeshare, share this message with the Twitter world. If you have questions about your timeshare, use Twitter as a way to get answers.

Make it easy for others to find the Twitter conversations about timeshare. Hashtag # your timeshare tweets as #timeshare or #fractional. And when you are at timeshare events, put Twitter to use as an internal industry communication strategy.

Twitter is more than a way for teenagers to follow pop stars. Twitter has become a powerful messaging platform that everyone who wants to enhance and grow timeshare opportunities should be utilizing.