Keynote Speaker at Timeshare C.A.R.E. Conference and More

Today, I am at the 53rd C.A.R.E. Conference, feeling great excitement about these days spent in Chicago, Illinois. First, the conference leads off with Nigel Lobo, Vice President Resort Operations of Grand Pacific Resort Management.

Nigel Lobo’s topic is “CARING” for Your Customers, very appropriate for this Cooperative Association of Resort Exchangers (C.A.R.E.) event. Lobo is responsible at Grand Pacific Resorts for the overall leadership of Resort Operations, including Owner Services and HOA Support, Resort Maintenance, Inventory Management, Design and Purchasing and New Business Development.

At Grand Pacific Resorts, he has built and maintains a strong management team facilitating Grand Pacific Standards of Excellence across all its resorts.

Of course, I am also particularly enthusiastic because at the C.A.R.E. Conference, Sell My Timeshare NOW is unveiling a new tool available to the timeshare industry. It’s innovative, exciting, and is a real win-win for timeshare developers, brokers, HOAs, resellers, and even timeshare owners. And as soon as I go public with the news at the conference, you will also find it here on The Timeshare Authority blog.

As Bonnie Kosco, C.A.R.E. Executive Administrator, explains, “C.A.R.E. continues its long-standing tradition in offering our member representatives and attendees the tools and information essential to remain on the cutting edge of the exciting vacation industry.”

–Yep, it’s an exciting new tool for an exciting industry, and we can’t wait to share it!