Timeshares Make for Ski Vacation Values No Matter the Weather

Timeshares for your ski vacation.

This year, skiers have every reason to feel optimistic about a great ski season. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has projected a La Nina year, which means greater than average snowfalls. Avid skiers are clearly taking the predictions to heart. According to travel experts, seasonal ski lodge and resort bookings are up some 18 percent over where they were this time last year and airfares to ski destinations are up by roughly 10 percent.

…Good news if you are in the ski business; not so good news if you are looking for a winter ski getaway at a discounted price.

With the white stuff already off to a strong start for the Winter of 2011-2012, ski resorts are feeling no pressure to discount their prices. Smartmoney.com conjectures that it’s a, “Snow Forecast: Great for Slopes, Bad for Bargains?”

Timeshare Rentals and Resales, Your Best Ski Resort Option

Timeshares afford you a way to plan your winter ski vacation without the uncertainties of how Mother Nature and her seasonal partner, Old Man Winter, will impact accommodation pricing. When you buy a timeshare resale, you start with a vacation lodging option that is already competitively priced, often saving you thousands of dollars during your years of use. Your timeshare resale at a ski destination is locked-in vacation lodging pricing and will not be affected by weather-related dips and peaks in ski lodge rates.

Skiers who are not prepared to commit to vacation ownership with a timeshare resale can still get in on the good deals by renting timeshare directly from the current owner or vacation club member. Your timeshare rental is a property that the owner has paid for and he or she may be highly negotiable on rent pricing. Timeshare rental owners will not be thinking about how weather prognostications will affect an entire ski season, but will simply be focused on whether they can rent the timeshare and cover their annual timeshare ownership costs.

If you and your family love to ski, you may find that timeshares are a great addition to your winter ski vacations. You can learn more by going to the Sell My Timeshare NOW website and in the search box typing in “ski”. You will find thousands of choices in ski locations, resort sizes, and amenities, both to buy and to rental. You can also contact us, at 1-877-815-4227, and we’ll be happy to help you find the deal that is best for you.

… Then start waxing your skis and singing, “Let it snow!”