Your Holiday Travel, Hotel and Timeshare Vacation Helps Economy More than You Realize

When you travel to see your family or visit your favorite timeshare destination this  holiday season, you will be doing more than making family memories, renewing relationships and gaining some much-needed down time … you will be benefiting the US economy in powerful ways.

According to the US Travel Association’s National Impact Data:

  • Annual travel expenditures are over $759 Billion
  • Tax receipts from travel add up to $118 Million
  • The employment benefits of the travel industry are some $7.4 Million
  • And the payroll generated by the travel industry is over $188 Billion

Most people are watching their dollars carefully these days, but when you do spend, studies show that spending on a vacation, timeshare, or other travel experience produces greater satisfaction than money spent on consumption of material goods. Even anticipating an upcoming travel or timeshare vacation creates a positive feeling about one’s life.

Here’s the staggering reality: Overall, travel generates $1.8 trillion in economic output. That translates to jobs for 1 in every 9 Americans.

Always plan your personal budget wisely, but if you are considering holiday travel or an upcoming timeshare vacation, do so with the full confidence that not only will your personal health and well-being benefit, so will the US economy.