US Tourism and Timeshares Welcoming International Travelers

The last time international tourists spent as much money in the US as they have in recent months was back in 2008. With not all data yet in, it is estimated that international tourism for 2011 will top 2008’s previous all-time high expenditures and set a new record for international visitor spending here in the US.

We already know that this past October, international tourists in the US spent $13.1 billion for travel and tourism related activities here while in America and that that figure exceeds the previous year’s international tourist expenditures by 13 percent. Through October, spending by foreign tourists to the US reached $127 billion, with roughly two thirds of that coming from tourists from China, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil, although not necessarily in that order.

In fact, it is our neighbors to the north, the Canadians who should be recognized as the tourists with the greatest impact on our economy, as they will account for an estimated 31% of the international tourist spending in America in 2011.

We’ve written a lot about this topic here on The Timeshare Authority blog, and we are likely to continue to take it on as matter for every American’s attention. Tourism creates jobs, tax revenues, and stable economies. And international tourism means a rare opportunity for the US to take in more than it gives away.

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