Friday the 13th, Timeshare, and Your Good Luck

“I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.” Thomas Jefferson

High-energy people often say, “You make your own luck.” As it turns out, researchers are proving that statement may be overwhelmingly accurate. Here’s how it works:

Expectation drives results. If you woke up this morning thinking, “oh no, it’s Friday the 13th” then you may have set yourself up for bad luck and negative experiences. But if, on the other hand, you bounded out of bed this morning saying, “Thank goodness it’s Friday the 13th, my lucky day!” then you very likely laid the groundwork for good luck and positive experiences.

Research proves that people who expect good results are more likely to receive them than are people who expect poor results. But this is less about your capability to control the universe and more about your beliefs driving your own self confidence, actions, and ultimately your success. As Professor Ben Fletcher, PhD, and  a specialist in the study of how behavioral changes improve your lot in life, explains, “It’s not that there’s some magic to any of this. Expectancy is a real driver of behavior.”

Lucky People Keep Getting Luckier

Lucky people expect positive results therefore they act in ways that set themselves up to experience these and other positive outcomes. When opportunities avail themselves, lucky people are open to seeing them. “Unlucky” people are often so focused on avoiding or dealing with misfortune they anticipate experiencing that they miss the open door of possibilities.

Dr. Richard Wiseman, author of The Luck Factor, tested the theory that unlucky people are essentially blinded to opportunity. He asked a group of test subjects to identify whether they were lucky or unlucky. Then he gave all of the subjects a copy of the same newspaper and asked them to count the photos in the paper. Published in the paper was also a large ad that said, “Tell the experimenter that you have seen this and win $250.”

The majority of the self-identified lucky people saw the ad; the majority of those who had identified themselves as unlucky, missed it.

How to be Lucky in Timeshares

With all the bad press about timeshare fraud, you could easily be deterred from taking advantage of the great deals in timeshare resales and timeshare rentals. In the process, you would miss some of the most affordable vacation options out there. You would wind up continuing to take your holidays in a crowded hotel room or on the pullout couch at Aunt Louise and Uncle Henry’s house. But isn’t it time you stop letting other people have all the good luck?

Get lucky by first doing your self-analysis of what really matters most to you in a vacation. Decide if you want luxury, entertainment, or a quiet retreat. Consider when you can be available to holiday… can you go any time of the year or are you restricted by work or school holidays? Decide whether you want to be able to leave your vacation ownership property to your heirs or whether you are just fine to use it and enjoy it now, without planning it as a bequest to your children. Lastly, think about how you like to vacation now and how those preferences will change over time. For instance, will your kids always love a theme park vacation or one day will they prefer to hit the ski slopes instead?

Now do your research. There are thousands of timeshare resorts available, of all sizes, locations, terms of ownership, and level of amenities. There are great deals in new timeshare and even better deals in timeshare resales and timeshare rentals.

Be lucky. Claim your own good fortune in the form of easy vacation planning, great experiences, wonderful memories, and time you spend relaxing, recharging, and reenergizing your life. Approach timeshares with your eyes wide open to all the opportunities.

After all, with 2012 being a year we hit the max number of Friday the 13ths, wouldn’t it be excellent is that just happened to be your lucky day?

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