Vacation Property Solutions, Serving Timeshare Industry Needs

Vacation Property Solutions is a division of our company created expressly to provide customized resale and rental services to resorts, HOAs, timeshare developers, and timeshare management companies.

Through Vacation Property Solutions, we work to provide the services that make it easier for others to address specific timeshare resale or timeshare rental needs. How we do this varies for every client we serve, but often includes our providing to them for their owners, dedicated phone lines offering resale or rental services, purpose-built landing pages, and other types of client-specific services.

We offer unique bespoke services to make it easier for our clients to consolidate resale or rental inventory, stabilize timeshare values, and protect the pricing integrity of their product. Offering both by-owner advertising and full-service timeshare brokerage, Vacation Property Solutions resolves the challenges timeshare providers have with owners who need to sell. In the process, those developers gain enhanced customer satisfaction and stronger brand loyalty.

We invite you to learn more about Vacation Property Solutions and how we can customize services… delivered exactly the way you want them offered … to assist you with your excess timeshare resale and rental inventory. We’re already helping many others in the industry; find out how we can help you.

Contact Jay Bade. [email protected] or call: 317-213-2553