Timeshare and Vacation Ownership Industry Honors Its Stars

(Jason Tremblay and Jay Bade at ARDA World 2012)

Last night, at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, the timeshare  and vacation ownership industry honored and celebrated its successes — the best and brightest of the past year.

In a black tie affair, where everyone sparkled, we dined together and shared both the humor of entertainer Tom Papa, as well as  many laughs with “comedians” from the vacation ownership industry itself.  (Who knew we could be so  funny?)

The awards are numerous and we will be looking more closely at the award winners in upcoming days, but for now, let’s just say that  despite reporters who choose to write stories that mislead the public; despite an economy that challenged all (not just timeshares and vacation ownership); and despite the fact that nearly every one of us has more to do in a single day than we can possibly accomplish, the men and women of timeshare still found time to:

  • excel to excellence in service, communication, design and innovation
  • share of their time, talents, and service with those less fortunate
  • and dream new dreams and accomplish new realities.

… and this is the message, that won’t make headline news, but truly should.