A Candid Look at Disney Vacation Club Timeshare

Last month, Joshua Gans, a contributing author to Forbes Magazine wrote an article called, Why Disney would like you to subscribe to vacations.”

On a recent Disney World vacation with his family, Gans agreed to attend a Disney Vacation Club sales presentation in return for free “Fast Passes.” Fast Passes are the Disney’s handy equivalent of Mickey holding your place in line and then letting you cut in front of others; they move you to the front of the queue, even on the most popular rides in the park.

As the article’s author admits, “It didn’t take me long to work out that that would save us a couple of hours in queuing. So I’d happily trade-off hearing a sales pitch on the Disney Vacation Club for that any day.”

However, as it turned out, what author Joshua Gans heard was far from what he expected. In his own words, “… Disney has set up an organized market … that allows you to vacation at some 200 possible locations (near as I can count) at any time of the year you want.”

Gans goes on to explain, “… the demonstration of the costs and benefits was crystal clear in the pitch and stood up to my probing questions. If you are the sort of person who pays full price for vacations, you can, indeed, save 70 percent on accommodation but probably only if being a Club member turns you into the person who would plan for vacations and take advantage of discounts. Instead, for us, I believed it would have saved us 50 percent on what we paid for this year. That means that the Disney Vacation Club would pay for itself in 7 to 9 visits. Although it also would save me the days of planning for a vacation and researching options. Once you bought it, there’d be no reason to stress over that anymore.”

If you have ever thought about buying vacation ownership, wanted to know more about Disney Vacation Club, or thought there is no way you would ever want to own timeshare, you should read this article.

Disney Vacation Club Timeshare

Gan has nothing to gain (except the Fast Passes he was getting anyway for attending the sales presentation) in sharing the benefits of becoming a Disney Vacation Club owner. And he isn’t reporting through rose colored glasses. He identifies potential negatives or downsides to owning Disney timeshare, yet reports on his finding of far more positives than negatives.

Author Joshua Gans is to be commended on writing “Why Disney would like you to subscribe to vacations.” It is  a candid and factual look at Disney timeshare. And in a time when many in the media seem to like the idea of piling on as timeshare critics, (whether their commentary is accurate or not) Forbes is exemplary for telling the truth about timeshares in this informative article.