Send Me On Vacation, Supporting Women in Need

We all know that a vacation—even a weekend getaway—can make a tremendous difference in our mental health and outlook. And doctors tell us that taking regular vacations actually improves our physical health and can add years to our life. So knowing that a vacation helps you shed the worries of your daily grind, think how beneficial a worry-free vacation can be to a woman who has just undergone and completed treatment for cancer.

Such well-deserved vacations—holidays designed to celebrate life—are the work of the non-profit organization, Send Me On Vacation.

Send Me On Vacation

As Send Me On Vacation explains in its Mission Statement, the organization’s objective is:

To provide a much needed vacation to women with breast cancer who have undergone treatment and need a place to rejuvenate and heal their body, mind and spirit.

Send Me On Vacation recognizes that when the physical aspects of the battle against cancer (the surgeries and other medical treatments) end, the emotional struggles often are just beginning. Cancer treatment, can leave women, their families, and friends in shambles. But one small and meaningful step to help these cancer survivors begin to  put their lives back together comes in providing them the respite and relaxation of a vacation they can enjoy at no cost.

Send Me On Vacation is actively seeking new members and new sponsors to help make more vacations possible for more women. The organization is supported by many in the timeshare and vacation ownership industry, who recognize the healing power of time spent in a leisurely getaway. You can follow Send Me On Vacation on Facebook at: