More Jobs in America: Tourism, Timeshare, and Travel

Last month, US Commerce Secretary John Bryson and Interior Secretary Ken Salazaro introduced the new National Travel and Tourism Strategy, developed to provide a cohesive federal plan to spur job creation by boosting travel to and within the United States. This is  good news for the economy and good news for timeshare.

Arne Sorenson, president and chief executive officer of Marriott, praised the strategy, saying that the, “…travel and tourism industry produces a substantial component of U.S. exports, employment and GDP. Efforts to make America the top travel destination in the world offer tremendous opportunities to expand our economy and create jobs through growth in the hospitality industry. Marriott looks forward to welcoming more international guests to our U.S. hotels as the National Travel and Tourism Strategy is implemented.”

The National Travel and Tourism Strategy is considered to be a blueprint for increasing the number of international visitors to the US to 100 million visitors annually by 2021, essentially more than doubling the current number of international visitors.

This plan, paired with aggressive work to improve VISA application and processing for visitors from many countries, would benefit the tourism industry, including timeshares and hotels, tremendously. More importantly, it would strengthen the US economy.

Marriott describes its support as helping to Americans back to work explaining, “We hope Congress will see the value in advancing legislative proposals designed to boost travel and tourism in the United States as part of its broader agenda to reduce unemployment and grow the economy.”

Follow this link to read more about this new initiative.