New Global Timeshare Ownership Report Released

Earlier this week, the American Resort Development Association (ARDA) released information from a study commissioned by ARDA International Foundation (AIF) that looked at timeshare ownership and vacationing worldwide. The study, titled World Wide Shared Vacation Ownership Report: 2012 Edition was conducted by Oxford Economics and The Research Intelligence Group. Its findings reveal much about the power and positive impact of timeshare ownership.

Global Scope of Timeshare Industry and Timeshare Ownership

  • Number of timeshare resorts globally: 5300
  • Number of countries with timeshare ownership: 108
  • Number of timeshare jobs globally: 1.1million
  • Direct impact on the economy: $45 billion

Specifically, the study found that the correlation between vacation time taken and timeshare ownership is particularly strong. In a world where many people struggle to work vacations into their busy schedules, timeshare owners seem to be doing so effectively. Internationally in 24 countries surveyed, findings show that 2 percent of households own at least one timeshare (this translates to 20 million timeshare owners) and that 81 percent of those timeshare owners took a vacation in the past year. In comparison, in the US, timeshare owners account for seven percent of all households, 83 percent of which vacationed in the past twelve months.

ARDA president and CEO Howard Nusbaum, says, “This study further cements the correlation between ownership and vacationing. Across the globe, owners are nearly twice as likely as non-owners to have vacationed in the past 12 months.” 

More about International Timeshare Ownership

Where are most timeshare properties located?

  • North America  has 46 percent of all timeshare properties (approximately 2500 timeshare resorts)
  • Europe has 25 percent
  • Central and South America has 10 percent
  • Asia has 6 percent
  • The Caribbean has 5 percent
  • Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea and neighboring islands in the Pacific Ocean have 2 percent

Types of Timeshare Ownership

  • 80 percent of properties offer traditional timeshare intervals or timeshare weeks
  • 28 percent offer biennial weeks timeshare
  • 27 percent offer timeshare points
  • 27 percent offer trial memberships
  • 16  percent offer fractional or Private Residence Clubs

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