How to Prevent Your Decision to Buy a Timeshare from being a Turkey

How to Prevent Your Decision to Buy a Timeshare from being a Turkey
How to Prevent Your Decision to Buy a Timeshare from being a Turkey

While most Americans share thoughts of “Happy Thanksgiving” today and throughout the holiday weekend, one look at the turkey in this photo and you know… not everyone enjoys Thanksgiving. Ironically, the decision to buy a timeshare can be much like Thanksgiving; a holiday for most and a real problem for a few. Buying timeshare –for some timeshare owners— can literally turn out to be a real turkey.

But why? How does such a beloved product turn out  badly for some owners?

Millions of people enjoy owning timeshare. For them, the decision to buy a timeshare was a home run. But just like holidays shared with family, roast turkey, pumpkin pies, and a day of football and fun is not on everyone’s list of favorites, neither is timeshare ownership.

While most people love vacations, their ideas about how to spend them are as diverse as people are themselves. Stay at home, stay in luxury resorts, zipline through the rain forest,  relax by a tropical pool, hike all day, dance all night, golf, ski, shop, sleep, plan ahead, go last minute, the list of vacation preferences goes on and on. Your idea of a great vacation won’t be an exact copy of the next person’s. And even though today’s timeshares are as varied as the people who own them, the concept of timeshare vacation ownership—no matter where it is—just won’t be right for everyone.

Q. So who is the right consumer to buy a timeshare?

A. Consumers who do their research before making a buying decision.

Educated consumers who really understand what they are getting when buying timeshare make the happiest owners, and are the most satisfied with their purchase. Whether you are considering buying timeshare from a resort developer or as a timeshare resale you purchase either by owner or through a timeshare broker, we urge you to find out what you are buying before you make the commitment.

Timeshares offer some of the greatest, most family-friendly, flexible options in vacationing today. And timeshare resales offer all of that, along with deep discounts and values in ownership. But timeshare, like turkey day, is not for everyone.

And if you have questions about your options to buy a timeshare, call us and talk to one of our timeshare resale specialists. Think of us like the Butterball hotline for timeshare questions.

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