Who Manages Your Colorado Timeshare? Maybe The Alderwood Group

Alderwood Group has new Colorado timeshare management office
Alderwood Group has new Colorado timeshare management office

Timeshare resort management company, The Alderwood Group, has just opened new offices in the popular resort destination of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. This Colorado timeshare management office is located in the popular downtown area the city, and provides its clients a centralized location with access to business meeting space and rental guest services.

The Alderwood Group is distinguished by its partnership approach to timeshare, vacation ownership, and whole ownership resort management. Cheryl Shipe, Chief Operating Officer of The Alderwood Group, says, “We opened the office in Steamboat due to the many business opportunities in this region.”

Explaining why the company chose a Colorado timeshare management office, Shipe explains, “We have been growing the business from our Southern California home base in Big Bear since 1998 and have long had a presence in the West, especially in Colorado. We are interested in finding new resort clients that seek top quality financial, administrative and management services from a company with a reputation for high caliber performance such as ours.”

Never Lost a Client

The Alderwood Group was founded in 1998, and provides high quality financial, administrative and management services to resorts. The addition of this Colorado timeshare and vacation ownership management office reflects the intention of The Alderwood Group to expand its client base.

Resort Manager Stephanie Thompson says, “We are proud to say Alderwood has never lost a resort management client. Our company was even named ‘Business of the Year for 2012’ by the Big Bear, California, Chamber of Commerce. I think we are offering a very viable alternative to any resort’s board of directors who are seeking a more comprehensive and personalized management solution. We have been successful in helping our clients get a better handle on their finances, communicate more openly and successfully with their owners and become a more fun, relaxed and better quality environment in which to vacation.”