Fantasyland Stops to Make During Your Disney Timeshare Vacation

Explore Beast's Castle during your Disney Timeshare Vacation
Explore Beast’s Castle during your Disney Timeshare Vacation

When Disney World Orlando officially opened The New Fantasyland this past December 6, it marked an expansion that nearly doubled the size of Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom. Fantasyland, (one of the six themed areas within the park) is the land of fairy tales and classic Disney; it’s the place to find Cinderella or Pinocchio. It’s also home to two new castles. As Chris Beatty, senior creative director Walt Disney Imagineering, explained to USA Today, “In every storybook story there are multiple kingdoms, places you can travel to, woods to wander through and get lost and come upon a new story.Now you can journey beyond the walls of Cinderella castle and find yourself in the forest and then at Beast’s castle, or go to the seashore and visit Prince Eric’s castle. It’s these other stories, these other destinations, where we want to take our guests.”

In the New Fantasyland, you’ll find Ariel of “The Little Mermaid,” with a ride that moves you along in a clamshell, winding your way through Ariel’s story. There’s also a grotto where you can met Ariel, her prince, and other characters from the story. Here you find Prince Eric’s castle; if you don’t recognize it from the story, look for the castle with the monogrammed “E” on the flag flying from the turret.

The second new castle belongs to the Beast, as in “Beauty and the Beasty.” Like everything else in Belle’s Village, the castle has a French style. Beast’s castle includes the Be Out Guest restaurant, where you order by touch screen, choose your table and then waiters serve your meal. The restaurant includes a fresco ceiling, windows allowing you to view the continually falling snow, additional rooms simulating the forbidden west wing of the Beast’s castle (as seen in the movie), a ballroom filled with dancing Beast and Belle figurines, and other images to capture the imagination of all who love the story of Belle and the Beast.

Other updates that are part of the New Fantasyland include an expanded Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride, Storybook Circus where visitors can “take to the sky with The Great Goofini on spiraling stunt plane adventure high above the Storybook Circus grounds,” and the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, which will open next year.

The New Fantasyland is the largest expansion for the Magic Kingdom since the park first opened. It’s also more than enough reason to plan a vacation to DisneyWorld Orlando. With it’s fresh feel, the New Fantasyland brings both new energy and timeless charm to America’s most beloved theme park. Even the approach to standing in line (a given at most theme parks) has an updated feel with interactive games and subtle nuances to engage your interest while your await your turn at the rides and attractions.

A Disney Timeshare Could Be Your New Castle at Disney

But the castles at Disney World aren’t limited to the theme park. Ask any Disney Vacation Club member and they will tell you that their Disney timeshare is a perfect “castle” for family vacations, romantic getaways, reunions, or almost any type of holiday celebration. Like the castles in the Magic Kingdom, Disney timeshare “castles” are also increasing in number, meaning that there will soon be even more options for enjoying  Disney vacation ownership as a DVC member.

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