GNEX 2013 Timeshare and Vacation Ownership Meeting of the Minds

GNEX 2013 A Global Meeting of the Minds, an annual conference held by Perspective Magazine, gets rolling today at the Beverly Wilshire in Beverly Hills, California. We are excited to be represented at this timeshare and vacation ownership event, honored to be participating in panel discussions and very enthusiastic to be introducing the first peek at, a new product we are in the process of launching.

Over the next few days, leaders from more than 100 timeshare and vacation ownership brands will meet together, network, share ideas, argue some key points, and strategize for the future of the shared ownership industry. This is the third annual GNEX event, and it has truly become a global timeshare and vacation ownership conference.

Timeshare and Vacation Ownership: An Industry in Transformation

The timeshare industry is an industry in change. There is no doubt about it; it has to be, because time, the economy, technology, and social patterns among consumers are making steady, and often dramatic changes. Vacationers don’t plan travel or shop for vacation deals in the same way they did twenty or even ten years ago. And there is no reason to expect that these evolving consumer patterns are going to stop changing and stop evolving. If timeshare is to be a viable vacation product in the future, the industry has to step up and in many ways reinvent itself. And here at the GNEX event, transformation is in the works.

We’ll be sharing news and updates from GNEX 2013 with you here at The Timeshare Authority blog. Hang on… it’s going to be an exciting ride!