The Best Use of Your Vacation Dollars, Demand for Timeshare

Where are other vacationers choosing to spend their vacation days and vacation dollars? One of the best ways to gauge this is by looking at which resorts other vacationers place offers on to buy or rent on the secondary timeshare market–the information we’ve tracked for you in the 2013 Timeshare Demand Index.

The index lists, from 1 to 100, the most in-demand timeshare resales and rentals, based on the number of offers received to buy or rent timeshares advertised on our website. Better than just reading the reviews on travel websites, viewing the 2013 Timeshare Demand Index, tells you how people voted with their hard earned dollars–which is meaningful information whether you are an owner looking to sell or a buyer or renter looking to pick a vacation resort. Best of all, you can quick view the report here or download it and read it at your leisure from this link

Here are a few of the insights you will gain from the TDI report:

  • Which Disney Vacation Club (DVC) Resort made the top 10 on the Timeshare Demand Index?
  • Which Orlando timeshare resorts ranked highest on the Timeshare Demand Index? (Hint: there are 4 Orlando timeshare resorts in the top 10 and a total of 7 in the top 25).
  • Which property is the only urban timeshare to make the TDI top 20?  

The report is easy to use, listing all top 100 resorts.  The Timeshare Demand Index is your reference tool, giving you insights that aren’t available otherwise. Pair it with the Live Feed of offers and you can not only tell which properties are receiving the greatest number of offers, but how much people are actually offering. Follow this link to find the Sell My Timeshare NOW Live Feed of Offers to Buy or Rent Timeshare