Did Your Email Subscription to The Timeshare Authority Blog Disappear?

We’re sorry! In recent weeks some changes at The Timeshare Authority blog wrecked havoc with our subscribers list. If you WERE subscribing to receive The Timeshare Authority blog updates directly into your e-mail, you may no longer be receiving them. 

The updates made here on the blog were all beneficial, and will help make our blog better, more functional for us and for you, and were a great plan… except for that little detail about our subscribers list no longer working properly for all subscribers.

If you were previously subscribing to and receiving daily updates of  The Timeshare Authority blog in your email, we ask you to please, take a moment and sign up again. It really does just take a moment. Go to the right-hand side of the blog’s homepage and look for the “Subscribe to Blog via Email” box just like you see circled in red in the picture below.  You’ll get an email immediately to confirm your subscription (we don’t do this to nag, it is best practices for email delivery). Reply to the email by clicking on the box to confirm and you are DONE! The Timeshare Authority blog will begin showing up in your email daily.

Now what about everyone who wasn’t already a subscriber?  Please consider this your invitation to become a blog subscriber. We’d love to have you join our subscribers list… which by the way, we share with NO ONE.

So, please allow us to apologize one more time that our list broke (yes, that’s what happened) and to encourage and welcome all new subscribers and renewing subscribers to email delivery.

Become a subscriber to The Timeshare Authority blog
Become a subscriber to The Timeshare Authority blog