And it Started with the Resale of One Manhattan Club Timeshare

As reflects on the excitement and pride of our 10-year anniversary in business, we have to look back fondly with where our company began. For our vacation ownership resale and rental business… it all began with the resale of one Manhattan Club timeshare.

Beth Ross, a Manhattan Club timeshare owner, was one of the first online by-owner timeshare resale advertisers to put her trust in us. Clearly, our initial website was only a small snippet of what our web presence has grown to become.

We began with a handful of timeshare resale ads … but a lot of heart and a great deal of passion for providing service to timeshare buyers and sellers. We had, apparently, just what it took to attract Beth’s attention as a seller and even more importantly, what it took to attract the timeshare buyers Beth was seeking.

Shortly after advertising her Manhattan Club timeshare resales on our site (less than 90 days), Beth Ross had her buyer.

Here’s what Beth wrote:

“Thank you for all the help you and your company provided me in the selling of my three time-share units at The Manhattan Club. I couldn’t have done it without you. The high degree of professionalism and attention to detail, exhibited by you and your colleagues, is just exemplary. I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to sell their unit. In particular, your knowledge of the time-share marketplace is far above anyone else in the business. I am sure that you always pave the way for the fastest possible sale, at the best and most realistic price. I am always happy to recommend you.”                      – Beth Ross, Ph.D. (Ad 5491)

Thank you Beth Ross for believing in us. Thank you to all the buyers, sellers, and renters who have also entrusted their business to us over the past decade.

We’ve come a long way and yet there is so much more exciting territory for us to cover still ahead. Please read our media release: Timeshare Resale Leader Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary