6 Best Travel Gifts

For the jetsetter in your life, we’ve provided some of the best travel gifts currently on the market. From the basic necessities to extravagant gadgets, we’ve provided options for every budget and travel need. Doing some last minute shopping this holiday weekend? You can order many of these items with two-day shipping through Sunday December 22nd. Be sure to verify the shipping date before you order.

  1. Bose QuietComfort® 20 Acoustic Noise Canceling® Headphones — Price: $299.95
    For years travelers have enjoyed traditional noise canceling headphones—perfect for noisy flights, trains, and buses. But now Bose offers the same features in a smaller, more discreet form. With new ear-bud style headphones, travelers can block out surrounding noises, without the bulky headgear. Bose has also improved the noise reduction technology and made the headphones compatible with Apple and Windows devices.
  2. 4-in-1 Adapter — Price: $25.00
    This handy 4-in-1 adapter will allow you to plug in your electronics in over 150 countries. Each of the 4 sections is color-coded with a corresponding map, so there’s no need to translate the instructions.
    No confusing instructions makes this a great travel gift in any language.
  3. My Little Steamer® Go Mini Hand Steamer – Price: $19.99
    Let’s face it, no matter how carefully you pack, your clothes are always wrinkled. Rather than sending your dress pants out for ironing, bring along this hand-held steamer. Easy to use and lightweight, you’ll receive 15 minutes of steam time for each filing.
  4. Aerobie® AeroPress® Coffee and Espresso Maker — Price: Under $30
    Do you dread the thought of hotel-room coffee? Make your own gourmet coffees and espressos with the Aerobie® Aeropress®. This portable coffee and espresso can brew your favorite French roast in about 20 seconds. Just use a micro filter and hot water to use the plunger-style device.
  5. Eagle Creek Pack-it™ Cube Set — Price: $38.00
    Eagle Creek makes packing easy with their Pack-it™ Cube. This particular set comes in three convenient sizes. With their light-weight design, the three cubes combined weight only 2.2 ounces. The material is also extremely durable, and water and stain resistant.
  6. Travel Chopsticks — Price: $10.00
    Next time you’re in a hotel room and order Chinese take-out, you’ll be prepared with your own set of travel chopsticks. These stainless steel chopsticks are made in a collapsible design, making them easy to bring on any trip. Since they come in a compact travel container, you don’t have to worry about leftover soy sauce staining your items.

Whether you’re shopping for friends and family or yourself, these gifts are sure to help your favorite traveler. For everyone traveling this holiday season, we wish you a safe and happy trip!