Marriott Vacation Club Price Increase

If you haven’t already heard, Marriott Vacation Club is raising their prices on Marriott timeshares, again.

This change will take effect on June 19, 2014. The price increase will affect all Marriott Vacation Club Destinations Ownership Points purchased directly through Marriott.

This is becoming a trend for the timeshare brand, as Marriott also increased their prices in June 2013.

How will this affect timeshare resales?

While it’s unclear if this change will affect current members, it will have little or no effect on Marriott resales.
While Marriott must increase the price of destination packages to cover sales and marketing overhead, resales are typically sold at their base market value. Typically these developer costs can raise the price of a timeshare by 50% or more. Buyers on the secondary market do not have to pay extra fees to cover these costs. They buy directly from the owner, eliminating the extra fees.

However, be aware that there are two types of Marriott timeshares: Marriott Weeks and Destination Points. Timeshare weeks are purchase at a specific “home resort” and can be traded through Interval International for an extra fee. Destination Points can be traded within Marriott’s internal exchange network, as well as through Interval International.

Currently, you can only buy a points-based membership from Marriott, but you can still buy weeks on secondary market. Owners have enjoyed great vacations from both types of membership. Nevertheless, ask yourself, “What is the better value?”

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