DAE Reaches Membership Milestone with Royal Aloha Vacation Club

Fermin Cruz DAE

The popular timeshare exchange company DAE announced that they have reached an important milestone through their affiliation with the Royal Aloha Vacation Club (RAVC).

Through their member education process, DAE has registered over 1,000 new members from the Royal Aloha Vacation Club in the past year.

VP of the DAE USA, Fermin Cruz said, “Having reached this milestone is important to us. We’re happy to educate members in ways to help them better use their timeshare product. Having an option in exchange companies is good for members and makes them appreciate their timeshare that much more.”

DAE offers a great selection of travel benefits for timeshare owners and resorts. RAVC members benefit from DAE by exchanging their timeshare weeks without the pricey fees that most companies charge. DAE does not charge their members transaction fees, or any type of fees, until they find a vacation that they want.

The company has worked diligently with the Royal Aloha Vacation Club to provide education to their members about timeshare exchange and getting the most out of their vacation club membership. Cruz continues,

“RAVC had members that had never known that exchange options were available to them with no membership cost. And those who did know that they had options didn’t know that they could be members of more than one Exchange Company at a time. Now that they are educated, they are making decisions based on those options. It’s great! Our members are happier. We work well with the team at RAVC, and they have a genuine goal to give their members the best vacation ownership experience they can. It truly is a pleasure working with them.”

To learn more about DAE, please visit DAElive.com.