Intrawest Resorts Implement New Technology for Skiers

Intrawest has announced that two of their most popular resorts—Steamboat and Winter Park Resort— will introduce RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology during the 2015/2016 ski season. Developed by SKIDATA, this new technology will allow guests to enter resort areas and access ski lifts.

Chief Operating Officer for Intrawest, Sky Foulkes, shared, “Always looking to enhance the guest experience, we’re excited to roll out RFID technology at Steamboat and Winter Park this season. Industry-leading guest service is at the core of our resorts, and the RFID technology will improve the guest experience and enhance our operating efficiency.”

At the Intrawest resorts, all season passes and lift tickets will be issued in the form of a QuickTrax card, a card embedded with an RFIC chip. This card will provide hands-free access to the park’s ski lifts. The guest simply needs to pass through an RFID gate while wearing the card and the gate will automatically open. For those new to RFIC technology, there is no need to worry, trained lift operators will be near by to help things run smoothly.

US Subsidiary Manager and General Manager for Mountains for SKIDATA, Laurent Vaucher, commented, “We are thrilled to work with Intrawest; and, in particular, Steamboat and Winter Park this winter. As a global leader in ticketing solutions, SKIDATA’s RFID ticketing technology provides a seamless and enhanced guest experience at these two iconic North American resorts.”

The RFIC devices will be installed in several areas at each resort to offer a smooth, hands-free experience for guests. At Steamboat, the system will be installed at the gondola, Thunderhead Express, Christie Peak Express, and Preview lifts. At the Winter Park resort, the RFIC system will be added to Arrow, Zephyr Express, Gemini Express, Super Gauge Express, and Challenger lifts.

Chief Marketing Officer for Intrawest, Matt Bowers, said,“With RFID technology, the new system will move guests even faster and more efficiently, allowing more time for carving up the Champagne Powder® snow in Steamboat or the bumps of Winter Park’s famous Mary Jane Territory.”

Guests can order their QuickTrax cards over the phone, online, or at the ticket office. However, passholders will automatically receive their cards in the mail. These cards can be reset to use over multiple years. When purchasing their QuickTrax card, guests can also activate the Resort Charge, a convenient way to make purchases at the resort. Simply charge all retail, rental, and restaurant purchases to your QuickTrax card.

Passholders and guests who order the new cards will begin receiving them in October. To learn more about Club Intrawest and their resorts, visit