Inspirato Welcomes 65 New Resorts

Inspirato Logo

Inspirato, a leading luxury hospitality company, has just added 65 new luxury vacation options to its portfolio. Expanding to 14 new destinations, the additions include 15 vacation residences and 50 accommodations at 17 luxury hotels and resorts worldwide. The new additions include destinations in Europe, North America, Central America, and the Caribbean.

“Growing the club is good news for all of our members,” said Brian Corbett, Founder and Chief Experience Officer of Inspirato, who oversees the company’s portfolio. “As we grow, we are able to add more new homes, resorts, hotels and experiences for everyone to enjoy. Our Hotel & Resort collection is a great example. At its launch six short months ago, we offered approximately two dozen properties. Today, our members can choose from more than 100 award-winning partners at a wide variety of leading luxury brands.”

The introduction of the Key Membership program in the last quarter of 2015 made it the best quarter to date for Inspirato. This membership is the easiest way to take advantage of all of the benefits of vacationing with Inspirato. Key Membership is available through March 18th, with a $5,500 initiation fee along with a $325 monthly membership fee. After March 18th, the initiation fee will increase to $7,500.

“As we celebrate our five-year anniversary, we’re more focused than ever on adding value and making our members happy on their vacations,” said Brent Handler, Founder and CEO of Inspirato. “With our new Key Membership, more and more luxury travelers are discovering that our unique combination of hand-selected accommodations, personalized service and guaranteed members-only value is the ideal solution to help them make special times with their loved ones a bigger part of their lives.”

For more information about Inspirato or how to become a part of the Key Membership, visit their website.