Diamond Resorts Promises Improved Communication and Connection with Brand Refresh

diamond resorts

Diamond Resorts has begun to make some great changes, starting with a brand refresh and a slight change of name. This hospitality and vacation ownership leader has shortened its name from the former Diamond Resorts International® and is now focused on helping their members make the most of their vacation by, “making a habit of breaking from the routine.”
Just as quickly as it has been announced, Diamond Resorts has started their transition by implementing their new company name, website, and logos across all platforms. These designs are simple, approachable, and modern with the hopes of encouraging open dialogue, communication, and transparency with their customers as they enjoy their vacation ownership journey.
Diamond Resorts CEO Michael Flaskey was thrilled to talk about this transition and stated,

“Vacations are meant to be fun and exciting, and it was time we updated our look and communications to better reflect that mentality. Relationship building is at the heart of our business, and we wanted to create an image that was warm, inviting and innovative for our members and their families. With this refresh, our goal is to not only get to know our members better, but open ourselves up as well, so they feel like a part of the Diamond family.”

After extensive research conducted with customer interviews, members of the company, and guests interested in the company’s vacation ownership programs, Diamond Resorts learned a lot about their strengths and weaknesses. In addition to removing “International” from the company’s name, Diamond Resorts has built their new brand around their core objectives: consistency across all locations, streamline all areas of membership, become the vacation escape many are searching for, and connect on a personal level with members by meeting their needs and expectations.
Though Diamond Resorts is making many small changes throughout the company, there is one thing that remains; their delivery of quality customer service and incredible vacation experiences. Flaskey also added,

“We’re still doing what we love. Our goal is to continue delivering unforgettable getaways, exclusive concerts and VIP events to our members, making sure they know that a Diamond membership is a promise to always have another vacation to look forward to.”

To view their newly designed website or to learn more about the Diamond Resorts rebrand, please visit their official website.