ILG Receives Coveted Industry Award for Philanthropic Initiative

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Leading vacation experiences company, ILG just received the prestigious ARDA Circle of Excellence (ACE) Community Service and Philanthropic Award for their ILG Relief Fund. This organization provides safe housing for associates affected by natural or civic disasters.

The ACE award represents the highest level of excellence within the resort industry. It was presented at the recent ARDA World Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.

ILG created their relief fun after last year’s two devastating hurricanes that caused significant damage in the Caribbean and Florida. Hundreds of associates experienced loss or sever damage of their homes. Associates from all of ILG’s operating businesses contributed to the fund in addition to the company’s donation.

ILG Chairman, President, and CEO Craig M. Nash, spoke on the importance of philanthropy in trying times:

“These acts of generosity epitomize teamwork, one of ILG’s core values. Challenging times can put us to the test. But what we saw during and after the storms certainly shows that in the face of great adversity, our associates can be counted on to show dedication, commitment, compassion, and strength. We are deeply grateful to all of them.”

As of today, nearly 500 grants have been awarded to ILG associates whose lives were affected by the recent hurricanes. The fund is unique because it has a lack of overhead and administrative costs because associates volunteer to handle the review and disbursement process—going beyond their day to day responsibilities.

Nash continued to stress how important it is to help their associates during their time of need, just as they take care of guests’ needs every single day.

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