Marriott Vacation Club Timeshares … the Price is Going UP

Marriott Vacation Club Timeshares … the Price is Going UP

Marriott's Ocean Pointe, a Marriott Vacation Club timeshare
Marriott’s Ocean Pointe, a Marriott Vacation Club timeshare

Marriott Vacation Club is raising its prices on Marriott timeshare. Starting on June 13, 2013, the price of Marriott timeshare points-based vacation ownership will increase when you buy directly through Marriott.

How do increases in the price of Marriott Vacation Club points (purchased from Marriott) impact the price of Marriott timeshare resales? Only time will reveal that answer for sure, but it’s likely that the answer will be, “not a lot.”

While Marriott Vacation Club points purchased through Marriott are priced to absorb Marriott Vacation Club’s overhead, marketing, and other costs of sales, Marriott timeshare resales always sell at true market value. This means, when you buy a Marriott timeshare resale, you aren’t paying for corporate profits, but instead, are dealing directly with the current owner. And you are buying a Marriott timeshare at a price that  is market driven—meaning that it is the price other buyers of Marriott timeshare resales are willing to pay for their vacation ownership.

In many ways, buying a timeshare resale via an online advertising website ( is peer-to-peer commerce. For existing owners who sell Marriott timeshare online this way, they pay to advertise their timeshare, but then keep all of the proceeds of the resale for themselves.

How is a Marriott Timeshare Resale Different from Marriott Timeshare Purchased through Marriott Vacation Club?

In almost every way, the only difference in a market-priced Marriott timeshare resale and a corporate-priced timeshare purchased directly from Marriott is the savings you realize when you buy a Marriott resale. But before you make the commitment to buy a timeshare on the resale market, you should know that originally Marriott owners who had purchased their property as timeshare resale were eligible to be part of Marriott Vacation Club Destinations. This is no longer true. Since 2010, Marriott has divided its timeshare benefits into ownership weeks and ownership points.

If you wish to own a Marriott Vacation club week, buying it as a timeshare resale is almost the only way to purchase a week. Marriott timeshare offers existing owners (owners who purchased Marriott timeshare before the change in 2010) the opportunity to pay a fee and enroll their weeks in the Destinations Exchange Program. Through this program, an owner gains the additional option of trading their week for an allotment of Destinations Points each year.

Initially, owners of resale weeks could also enroll in this program, with this stipulation: If you owned a week in a US or Caribbean resort, you needed to have purchased your resale week prior to June 10, 2010. For owners of weeks in European resorts, the resale week would have to have been purchased prior to June 18, 2012.

BUT this doesn’t mean that you can’t be a resale owner and become part of the Destinations Exchange Program. If this benefit is of value to you, can simply purchase Marriott resale Destination Points.

More about Marriott Timeshare Resales

Destination points are different from Marriott’s Rewards points. Only buyers of Marriott resales purchased through Marriott (at prices set by Marriott Vacation Club) are eligible to trade their weeks for Marriott Rewards points. However, joining the Marriott Rewards program is free and you can do so on your own and at any time, enabling you to take advantage of Marriott’s loyalty rewards program—you just will not be able to trade your Marriott resale vacation ownership week for Marriott Rewards points.

While it sounds confusing, it’s actually harder to read about (or write about!) than it is for someone to explain to you. You can learn more about Marriott timeshare resale weeks ownership here: Marriott Vacation Club Weeks 101. Or visit Marriott Timeshare Resale Information for more details about Marriott Destination points. But your best bet is to call us at 877-815-4227 and speak to a Marriott timeshare resales specialist.

How to Prevent Your Decision to Buy a Timeshare from being a Turkey

How to Prevent Your Decision to Buy a Timeshare from being a Turkey

How to Prevent Your Decision to Buy a Timeshare from being a Turkey
How to Prevent Your Decision to Buy a Timeshare from being a Turkey

While most Americans share thoughts of “Happy Thanksgiving” today and throughout the holiday weekend, one look at the turkey in this photo and you know… not everyone enjoys Thanksgiving. Ironically, the decision to buy a timeshare can be much like Thanksgiving; a holiday for most and a real problem for a few. Buying timeshare –for some timeshare owners— can literally turn out to be a real turkey.

But why? How does such a beloved product turn out  badly for some owners?

Millions of people enjoy owning timeshare. For them, the decision to buy a timeshare was a home run. But just like holidays shared with family, roast turkey, pumpkin pies, and a day of football and fun is not on everyone’s list of favorites, neither is timeshare ownership.

While most people love vacations, their ideas about how to spend them are as diverse as people are themselves. Stay at home, stay in luxury resorts, zipline through the rain forest,  relax by a tropical pool, hike all day, dance all night, golf, ski, shop, sleep, plan ahead, go last minute, the list of vacation preferences goes on and on. Your idea of a great vacation won’t be an exact copy of the next person’s. And even though today’s timeshares are as varied as the people who own them, the concept of timeshare vacation ownership—no matter where it is—just won’t be right for everyone.

Q. So who is the right consumer to buy a timeshare?

A. Consumers who do their research before making a buying decision.

Educated consumers who really understand what they are getting when buying timeshare make the happiest owners, and are the most satisfied with their purchase. Whether you are considering buying timeshare from a resort developer or as a timeshare resale you purchase either by owner or through a timeshare broker, we urge you to find out what you are buying before you make the commitment.

Timeshares offer some of the greatest, most family-friendly, flexible options in vacationing today. And timeshare resales offer all of that, along with deep discounts and values in ownership. But timeshare, like turkey day, is not for everyone.

And if you have questions about your options to buy a timeshare, call us and talk to one of our timeshare resale specialists. Think of us like the Butterball hotline for timeshare questions.

Call Toll Free: 1-877-815-4227
International: 1-603-516-0200

The Future of Buying Timeshare (and Everything Else) Online

The Future of Buying Timeshare (and Everything Else) Online

The following article, written by Jason Tremblay, founder of SellMyTimeshareNOW and,  appeared in the May issue of The Resort Trades. “The Future of Buying Timeshare (and Everything Else) Online,” looks at the changing dynamic of how people shop as online sales expand to include buying from tablets, smart phones, and other “always accessible” devices. In a changing world how vacationers are buying timeshare is clearly changing too.

This article is published here with the permission of The Resort Trades. Be sure to visit for more news and information about timeshares, fractionals and vacation ownership.

The future of buying timeshare (and everything else) online

First quarter results are in and U.S. e-commerce sales are stronger than ever. While fourth quarter numbers have previously topped $50 billion thanks to seasonal spending, this year’s current numbers mark the first time we’ve hit the $50 billion milestone when it wasn’t the holiday gift-giving season. Totaling $50.27 billion, e-commerce sales are up 15.4 percent for the first quarter 2012, over the same quarter in 2011.

The Resort Trades, July 2012
The Resort Trades,             July 2012

Some estimates push the total spending numbers for this year’s first quarter as high as $53 billion depending upon which retail items one tracks. In the past, many resources including the U.S. Commerce Department’s monitoring of online retail did not include goods such as gasoline or groceries that traditionally consumers were not buying online.

But buying patterns are clearly changing across all segments of sales as evidenced by the numbers reported by Peapod LLC and other online grocers. Peapod offers limited service in portions of roughly a dozen U.S. states, yet in 2011, the company saw nearly $480 million in online sales. Yes, people are even buying milk, lettuce, and hamburger meat over the Internet.

Internationally, online shopping follows similar patterns from one country to another, with a few slight deviations. If you assumed that Americans are the most active online shoppers, you will be surprised to learn that consumers in seven other countries out-shop us, with the highest percentages of online shopping occurring in Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan, and those shop-till-you-drop South Koreans, who outpace everyone. [Read more…]

Refinance Timeshare: a Good Choice for Many Timeshare Owners

Refinance Timeshare: a Good Choice for Many Timeshare Owners


For years, timeshare owners have had few options to refinance timeshare on which they are currently making payments. Life happens. And when it does, the financing provided at the time the owner purchased the timeshare sometimes stops being a good fit for the family’s budget.

Timeshare owners can find themselves in a situation where their monthly timeshare mortgage payment is hard to make, whether it is because of divorce, salary reduction, the expense of a growing family or any of dozens of other reasons. Worst of all, when your timeshare loan payment is hard to make, the joy of taking the vacations you and your family need and deserve can be overshadowed. Your timeshare can start to feel like a burden.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are options. and offer timeshare financing and timeshare refinancing options available at competitive rates.

Now You Have Options to Refinance Timeshare

Through an easy online process, you can apply today to refinance your timeshare. Many people compare the application process to applying online for a credit card—it’s that simple.

If you are approved, your loan payment comes directly to you. You can then use it to pay off your current high-interest timeshare loan.  You will be starting fresh with a new loan, with terms that are a better fit for where you are in life right now. And your new loan will be a fixed rate loan, so you’ll have peace of mind knowing your rate is locked in for the life of the loan.

You’ll be the owner of your own timeshare, not the bank or some other lender. You’ll be able to finally start enjoying timeshare vacations the way you envisioned you would when you first bought your timeshare.

Whether you own a timeshare unit, interval, or timeshare points, a timeshare refinance loan may be just what your household budget needs. There’s no upfront fee to apply to refinance timeshare and no obligation on your part. Imagine owning your timeshare on terms you can actually afford.

But you’ll never know until you apply. Contact us today or call (855) 597-3960 to learn more about your financing options.