CRDA Timeshare Conference and the Future of Canada Timeshare

CRDA Timeshare Conference and the Future of Canada Timeshare

CRDA supports the advancement of the Canada timeshare industry.It’s been nearly two weeks since the CRDA (Canadian Resort Development Association) timeshare conference in Toronto and here at The Timeshare Authority blog, we’ve been remiss in not already sharing with you the full story of what an outstanding timeshare event this was.

First, let me thank Ross Perlmutter, Executive Director for CRDA, and all of the CRDA team and the sponsors, speakers, and exhibitors who worked to make this such an excellent conference. “The Resort Development Summit: the 2010 Canadian Resort Development Association Annual Conference” was held at the Radisson Admiral Hotel Toronto Harbourfront, overlooking Lake Ontario, and the beautiful venue made the time there even more enjoyable.

Day 1 started with a look at the Canadian timeshare owner and the Canada market for buyers and renters. We’ll be sharing more of that information with you in tomorrow’s The Timeshare Authority blog.

Howard Nusbaum, President/CEO of ARDA (American Resort Development Association) delivered the Keynote Address, with a serious (and optimistic) look at the state of the timeshare industry. And then it was time to roll up our sleeves and dive into the breakout sessions, with topics that included:

  1. Fundamentals of Finance: Back to Basics for a Better Bottom Line
  2. Resort & Club Management: Finding Money under the Rocks
  3. Meet The New Market
  4. The Legal Eagles
  5. Resale Forum: Where do we go from here?
  6. Timeshare Technology
  7. And an Opportunity to Ask the Experts

I know I speak for everyone there that the time was enriching, inspiring and informative, which is good news for the hard working people in the timeshare industry, millions of timeshare owners and two strong countries working to bounce back from economic challenges.

Other Canada timeshare and CRDA News:

US and Canada Timeshare Associations Working Together

US and Canada Timeshare Associations Working Together

If you have been watching the Winter Olympics from Canada’s beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, in addition to spectacular winter sports competitions, you have no doubt heard announcers mention that the 8,893 kilometer border between Canada and the US is the longest border between any two countries in the world.

So it is no surprise that across this expansive geographical connection, which already extends deep trade relations, an extensive tourism exchange, and just a warm, “feel good” bond between the two countries, a strong alliance in the timeshare industry would also surface.

ARDA -the American Resort Development Association– and CRDA -the Canadian Resort Development Association- have committed to an allied working relationship. (See: Canada Timeshare Association (CRDA) and US Timeshare Association (ARDA) Announce Expanded Relationship).

As Ross Perlmutter, President of CRDA explains, “…In many ways, there truly has never been a better time for a strategic alliance between the two associations. The Canadian Dollar is approaching parity with the US Dollar, both regions’ consumers tend to travel back and forth across the others’ borders, and both countries are facing similar challenges and concerns.”

Winter Sports and Canada Timeshare

Even if you never strap on a pair of skis, it is impossible to view the scenic vistas at the 2010 Winter Olympics and not long to spend a little time exploring the beauty and vastness of Canada. Canada timeshare offers an ideal setting for a year-round selection of sports, shopping, exploring, and relaxing.

Three possibilities to consider if you long to visit the same beautiful locations you are seeing during this year’s Olympic games are:

  1. Vancouver timeshare rentals
  2. Clocktower at Whistler timeshare
  3. Whistler timeshare resale

And with timeshare associations including ARDA and CRDA working aggressively to guide and advance vacation ownership you can confidently enjoy excellent opportunities in Canada timeshare and Canada timeshare resales.

More Winter Olympics 2010 Fun

Have you seen the YouTube of the FlashMob dance last Saturday in the streets of Vancouver? What incredible fun!

Canada Timeshare Association (CRDA) and US Timeshare Association (ARDA) Announce Expanded Relationship

Canada Timeshare Association (CRDA) and US Timeshare Association (ARDA) Announce Expanded Relationship

CRDA (the Canadian Resort Development Association) and ARDA (the American Resort Development Association) have now joined forces in a new working relationship. Both professional organizations are dedicated to the betterment of the timeshare and vacation ownership industries, advancing policy, standards, and opportunities.

CRDA identifies its goal as a timeshare association as being, “… to encourage and maintain a high standard of ethical conduct throughout the industry, and to assist in the education of Canadian industry members toward an enhanced standard of professionalism.”

Ross Perlmutter, President of CRDA says, “We would love the opportunity to introduce ARDA‘s suppliers to the robust Canadian resort market, and we’re confident that ARDA‘s resort developers will understand and appreciate both the value in, and importance of, displaying CRDA‘s emblem on their showrooms’ walls when presenting their programs to affluent Canadian tourists.”

Expect CRDA and ARDA working together on various objectives to further important initiatives through which timeshare developers, timeshare sales companies, timeshare resales companies, and timeshare owners will all benefit. And for anyone already a member of either CRDA or ARDA, look for special opportunities to become a member of both timeshare associations.

Follow this link to learn more about CRDA and this link to learn more about ARDA.

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