Only Santa Covers More Territory than Timeshare Exchange

Only Santa Covers More Territory than Timeshare Exchange

I don’t know how many cities Santa Claus covered on Christmas Eve and in the wee hours of Christmas Day, but he’s about the only one who can take in more territory than you can as a timeshare owner with great timeshare exchange privileges.

Timeshare exchange is designed to give you flexibility in vacation destinations, dates, and accommodations. Resort Condominiums International (RCI) and Interval International, (II) are the two largest timeshare exchange companies, but there are dozens of other companies, many of which specialize in regional or other targeted types of travel. You will find the cost to join a timeshare company varies, as will the types of services they offer.

In their book, How to Benefit from Your Timeshare, authors Susan Johnson and Janice Taylor describe the benefits of timeshare exchange like this:

“An Exchange Club is an organization that lists thousands of travel destinations for use by its members. … An Exchange Club take points/weeks that you do not want to use in the current year and allows you to use and select from their huge inventory of locations worldwide. You should receive a directory from the Exchange Club listing all properties available to you within their network.”

Currently there are 4,775 RCI affiliated timeshare resorts and 2,400 resorts affiliated with Interval International.

Follow this link to learn more about the opportunities of timeshare exchange. And to help you get started in planning your vacations, here is a handy timeshare calendar or, you may wish to visit the website for Timeshare Calendar.

Villaggio Cala La Luna in Sicily Joins Interval International Timeshare Exchange

Villaggio Cala La Luna in Sicily Joins Interval International Timeshare Exchange

In the small island fishing village of Favignana is the Sicilian timeshare resort, Villaggio Cala La Luna. Travelers love the area for its old world charm and clear blue waters, where local fishermen catch bluefin tuna, lobster, and octopus.

This week, the resort announced their affiliation as part of the Interval International timeshare exchange. According to Timeshare Perspective, Darren Ettridge, Interval International’s vice president resort sales and service (Europe), says, “Good quality resorts such as this are popular with our members and we are delighted to welcome this resort to our network. This is our fourth affiliation in Italy since July 2007 and it is continued evidence of Interval’s success in the region.”

New Timeshare Resort Destinations Growing in Popularity

Villaggio Cala La Luna timeshare resort is within walking distance of the harbor and offers a pool, restaurant, and live entertainment. Popularly accessible by hydrofoil from the mainland, the island is a favorite destination for deep sea fishing and diving. Many people are familiar with it as the host site of the 2008 America’s Cup. Less than one year old, this timeshare resort includes 58 timeshares within its 70 studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom units.

While we are all familiar with well-known favorite timeshare vacation destinations, including Florida timeshare, Las Vegas timeshare, Aruba timeshare, and Hawaii timeshare, it is exciting to see new venues in the timeshare marketplace. And by joining the Interval International timeshare exchange system, this small Sicilian timeshare resort is becoming part of an exchange network that includes over 2,400 timeshare resorts in 75 countries around the world.

Who knows, someday tiny Sicily might be on the list of top-demand timeshare vacation destinations.

Popular South African Timeshare Affiliates with Interval International

Popular South African Timeshare Affiliates with Interval International

South Africa’s Southern Sun Hotel Interests Limited “Southern Sun” has signed an affiliation agreement with Interval International timeshare exchange company.

Plan a safari vacation and stay at South Africa timeshare resales.

Included in the agreement are Southern Sun’s six existing Lifestyle Resorts, (timeshares) which represent one of the largest South African vacation ownership programs. Any Southern Sun Hotel properties added during the term of the contract between Southern Sun and Interval International will also fall under the affiliation agreement.

Interval International will provide the Southern Sun South Africa timeshares with a comprehensive package of customized services, including back-office points based reservation services and program-design support and enabling Southern Sun hotels and timeshares to offer both deeded and points based timeshares.

South Africa Timeshare is a Destination on the Rise

South Africa timeshare offers vacation options that range from big game to beautiful beaches to great golf and safari explorations. For US travelers (and vacationers from many other parts of the world), a South Africa timeshare vacation includes an added perk … a beneficial currency exchange rate. Currently the US dollar still exchanges at approximately 1 US dollar = 10.2005427 South African rand. This means that your money will go a long way paying for food, restaurant dining, entertainment and travel within the country, making your South Africa timeshare resale a truly excellent vacation opportunity.

More Opportunities in South Africa Timeshare from Sell My Timeshare

Disney Vacation Club Timeshare to Affiliate with Group RCI

Disney Vacation Club Timeshare to Affiliate with Group RCI

According to news in the Orlando Sentinel and other sources, the Disney Vacation Club has signed a multi-year contract with Group RCI, a timeshare exchange company.

Effective, January 1, 2009, RCI will be the exclusive exchange provider for Disney Vacation Club timeshare members. Under the terms of the new agreement, timeshare owners at Disney Vacation Club will be able to use their Disney Vacation Club timeshare points to book timeshare at RCI resorts all over the world.

Exchanging Disney timeshare points through RCI will enable Disney owners to book timeshare at non-Disney resorts. At the same time, the more than 3.6 million members of RCI timeshare exchange will now be able to exchange other timeshare for stays at the Disney Vacation Club.

A spokesperson for Disney timeshare, which is based in Celebration, Florida, says the decision to switch Disney’s exchange affiliation from Interval International to RCI exchange will provide Disney timeshare members with “‘a significantly broader range of resort experiences,’ including access to destinations across six continents and 25 countries.”

Disney believes they will be able to attract more people to buy timeshare at the Disney resorts, by being able to offer access to a wider array of timeshare exchange.