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DAE Plans to Focus on the U.S. Market

Since 1997, DAE has revolutionized the timeshare exchange market. By offering exchange services without a membership fee, DAE brought something new to the table. DAE has already dominated the market in Australia, now they are looking to expand their presence in the U.S.

DAE’s CEO Francis Taylor said, “U.S. timeshare owners deserve an alternative for exchange, one that’s easy-to-understand and use. The DAE transactional approach puts the focus back on the member–where it always should have been.” [Read more…]

David Gilbert Interval International

David C. Gilbert Appointed as New President of Interval International

The Interval Leisure Group (ILG) has announced that David C. Gilbert will become the new President of their timeshare exchange program, Interval International. The change will take effect September 1, 2014.

Previously, Gilbert worked as Interval ‘s Executive VP of Resort Sales and Marketing, where he played a crucial role in building Interval International’s affiliated resort network. Gilbert was also instrumental in creating new marketing programs for major Interval products and programs. [Read more…]

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DAE Europe Presents the Welcome Home Campaign

This week DAE Europe introduced a new Welcome Hone campaign. The Welcome Home program is an email campaign used to improve customer satisfaction.

Shortly after a member returns from a trip booked through DAE’s timeshare exchange program they will receive an email. This email will not only welcome a guest back home, but allow them to provide feedback on their experience.
The regional branch of the timeshare exchange company invites members to participate in this new campaign and help improve the brand and their ability to provide a phenomenal vacation experience. [Read more…]

DAE Timeshare Exchange Members Extremely Satisfied in 2013

DAE Timeshare Exchange Members Extremely Satisfied in 2013

images (3)DAE, the world’s largest independent timeshare exchange provider, shares that their members are exceptionally satisfied. With membership numbers at an all-time high, customer satisfaction is an integral part of DAE’s business and in 2013 they experienced much success. Through dedication and innovation, the timeshare exchange company is creating a reputation among the industry as a leader in customer care.

DAE (formerly Dial an Exchange) provides owners with the ability to exchange timeshare weeks through a network of one million timeshare owners. In 2013 the exchange company services 500,000 direct members, a 25% increase from 2012. DAE’s Co-founder and CEO Francis Taylor reported that customer satisfaction among members is extremely positive.

Taylor said, “Our members are the happiest and most engaged they have ever been with vacation exchange.”

Earlier this year, the Australian Timeshare and Holiday Ownership Council (ATHOC) stated in their Industry Impact Report that customer satisfaction with timeshare exchange has considerably increased in the last ten years. The report also stated that over 50% of timeshare vacations were through the exchange process.

“Similar findings have been conveyed from sources in other key timeshare markets, showing that owners across the globe are getting the most value out of their vacation ownership through exchange,” said Taylor.

“New sales of timeshare are continuing to increase as more people look to safeguard the future of their vacations. It’s the whole experience that timeshare offers to owners – they are valued and treated as family at their resort, not just the run of the mill hotel guest.

“At DAE we see exchange as the biggest selling point and overall value proposition of vacation ownership. It enhances the owner’s experience even further, allowing them to see the world at a fraction of the cost.

“As the sector has grown from strength to strength, the variety and availability of exchange destinations has greatly improved in the past decade, with DAE adding more to our exchange inventory portfolio every year.

“However we know from industry reports that the cause of most dissatisfaction among members with exchange comes from exchange fees and membership fees.

“That’s why DAE offers the industry’s only free membership with no annual fees, and maintains the lowest transaction fees possible – and our members enjoy higher satisfaction with their product.

“At DAE, we put our customers first, offering an undivided focus to customer service, a simple exchange platform and the best value for money model in the world.”

With DAE’s newly re-branded image and options for a free membership, we anticipate that the exchange company will continue to expand throughout 2014. We wish them luck and continued success in the New Year.