3 Ways to Ensure Summer Vacation Doesn’t Pass You By

3 Ways to Ensure Summer Vacation Doesn’t Pass You By

You only get one chance at summer vacation 2013
You only get one chance at summer vacation 2013

Knee-deep in summer already, when this season ends it will have slipped out of your life forever. As children, many of us lived for our summer vacation. With warm weather and the long school holiday came freedom, opportunities, a change of pace, and even adventure. … This is what a summer vacation should still mean. The day we lose the love and anticipation of summertime, we stop being young or even young at heart.

Ensuring your summer vacation experience boils down to three simple things:

  • Grab it.
  • Make it.
  • Take it.

Vacations rarely fall into your lap. You have to carve out the time for them; you have to grab your summer vacation. Get in the scrum and scuffle with your coworkers so that you get your share of the prime vacation days this summer. If you work for yourself, block the time on your calendar and commit to it with the same seriousness you do any other important project—because vacation times is very important.

Once you have committed to your days, don’t let your summer vacation sneak up on you, with you unprepared. Make a plan for how you will enjoy your leisure time (and it can’t include cleaning the garage or painting the house). Plan a long trip, a series or short excursions, a tent under the stars or a Four Seasons or Ritz Carlton holiday… just plan something.

Prepay for your holiday (timeshares and timeshare resale vacations make this an easy plan to implement) or at least pay a deposit on your summer vacation so that you have additional motivation to take it when it comes around. Tell your friends and family about your vacation plans so they will help you in anticipation and encourage you to keep your commitment to yourself. Make the plans, and make it easy to keep them.

When the time arrives for you to go on your summer vacation, there will be distractions. There will be last minute events or work projects that pop up, tempting you not to go or to cancel your plans. Don’t let anything within reason change your plan to take your summer vacation.  

Life is short; summers are even shorter. You will never again experience the summer of 2013—don’t let it slip by without paying tribute to it in all the ways you possibly can.

The 2013 Timeshare Demand Index from SellMyTimeshareNOW.com

The 2013 Timeshare Demand Index from SellMyTimeshareNOW.com

2013 Timeshare Demand Index (TDI)
2013 Timeshare Demand Index (TDI),       click to view

What’s the real market value of a timeshare resale or timeshare rental? Market value for any product is not established by what the original owner paid for the product. Neither is the market value of timeshare resales and rentals established by a value that a timeshare developer or Home Owners Association sets. Instead, market value of any product, whether it vacation ownership or a pre-owned car or an antique armoire, is determined entirely why the amount of money the buying consumer is willing to pay to purchase the product on the secondary market. As an accurate of indicator of demand for timeshare resales, SellMyTimeshareNOW.com has just released the 2013 Timeshare Demand Index. (TDI)

Just released today, in time for summer’s busiest vacation week, the 2013 Timeshare Demand Index shows the top 100 most in-demand timeshare resales and timeshare rentals based on the number of offers to buy or rent received through the company’s websites over the past year. The report is freely available to anyone—owner, timeshare industry professional, or prospective timeshare seller, renter, or buyer—who is interested in knowing which timeshare resorts consumers want to visit or own, based on the number of offers placed through our company to buy or rent timeshare at that property.

Please check this out for yourself. You can view or download the 2013 Timeshare Demand Index here: www.sellmytimesharenow.com/media/pdf/timeshare-demand-index-2013.pdf. If you are familiar with timeshares and vacation ownership, you may be able to guess many of the properties that made the top ten most in-demand list this year, but we will bet there’s at least one resort that placed in the top ten that will surprise you.

What is no surprise is that Marriott Vacation Club timeshare resales again, figure prominently on the top ten list of most in-demand timeshare resales and rentals or that six of the top ten timeshare resorts on the Timeshare Demand Index are at the beach. (And the other four aren’t far from the beach). Also, making the top ten on the 2013 Timeshare Demand Index for the fifth consecutive year is the Holiday Inn Club Vacation Resort at Orange Lake Resort in Kissimmee (Orlando), Florida.

We invite you to take a look at the full list. And to check in here on The Timeshare Authority blog in upcoming posts where we will look more closely at the information the 2013 Timeshare Demand Index reveals and the popular resorts that made the list.

The Truth about Timeshare Offers to Buy

The Truth about Timeshare Offers to Buy

Timeshare Offers to Buy or Rent at SellMyTimeshareNOW.com
Timeshare Offers to Buy or Rent at SellMyTimeshareNOW.com

The truth about timeshare offers to buy that are published on our website is as transparent as we know how to make it. Yet it still doesn’t always “click” with some people. On our SellMyTimeshareNOW.com website, we publish in real-time, the live feed of timeshare offers to buy as they come into our company. You can check these out for yourself at Up-to-Date Offers to Buy.

But before you follow this link, you need to know and understand what you are seeing. The page, which looks like the picture you see here, is a continually updating list of the offers that come into our company through our SellMyTimeshareNOW.com website. At any given moment, day or night, 24-7, you can view the activity generated on our website by offers being made either to buy timeshare or to rent timeshare.

The information is simple to follow. The left column of the chart shows the “AD#.” This is the ad or advertisement number assigned by Sell My Timeshare NOW to each timeshare unit, interval, or points we advertise, whether it is advertised to buy or advertised to rent.

The second column of information is the “RESORT NAME,” while the third column is called “TYPE OF OFFER.” The “TYPE OF OFFER” simply defines whether an offer is the bid (also called the offer) by a prospective buyer to buy a timeshare or it is a bid by a prospective renter to rent a timeshare. The last column on the right of the chart shows the “AMOUNT” which is the amount of the offer and the “TIME,” which is the hour of the day that the offer or bid was placed.

What’s Right (And You Might Not Understand) about the SellMyTimeshareNOW.com Offers to Buy Page

On our Offers to Buy timeshare page, you can see what dollar amount people are offering to purchase or to rent timeshares. Let’s be very fair. This list does not tell you the final price a timeshare owner accepts for the sale or rental of his or her timeshare. Because people ‘test the waters’ by presenting low-ball offers, you will see offer amounts that are simply too low, but that doesn’t mean that the buying and selling negotiations ended; in fact, a low-ball offer is often where negotiations begin.

Another aspect of the information that can’t be taken at face value is the fact that some prospective buyers begin their process to buy a timeshare by making offers on several properties, again in the process of testing the water to see which owners are negotiable on selling price or other terms of the sale or rental process.

But on the other hand, what’s so very RIGHT about this page is that the information here is as real as information can be. The SellMyTimeshareNOW.com offers to buy or rent page is live, real time, and unedited… and most importantly of all, it is proof that people do buy and rent timeshares every single day.

Marriott Vacation Club Timeshares … the Price is Going UP

Marriott Vacation Club Timeshares … the Price is Going UP

Marriott's Ocean Pointe, a Marriott Vacation Club timeshare
Marriott’s Ocean Pointe, a Marriott Vacation Club timeshare

Marriott Vacation Club is raising its prices on Marriott timeshare. Starting on June 13, 2013, the price of Marriott timeshare points-based vacation ownership will increase when you buy directly through Marriott.

How do increases in the price of Marriott Vacation Club points (purchased from Marriott) impact the price of Marriott timeshare resales? Only time will reveal that answer for sure, but it’s likely that the answer will be, “not a lot.”

While Marriott Vacation Club points purchased through Marriott are priced to absorb Marriott Vacation Club’s overhead, marketing, and other costs of sales, Marriott timeshare resales always sell at true market value. This means, when you buy a Marriott timeshare resale, you aren’t paying for corporate profits, but instead, are dealing directly with the current owner. And you are buying a Marriott timeshare at a price that  is market driven—meaning that it is the price other buyers of Marriott timeshare resales are willing to pay for their vacation ownership.

In many ways, buying a timeshare resale via an online advertising website (SellMyTimeshareNOW.com) is peer-to-peer commerce. For existing owners who sell Marriott timeshare online this way, they pay to advertise their timeshare, but then keep all of the proceeds of the resale for themselves.

How is a Marriott Timeshare Resale Different from Marriott Timeshare Purchased through Marriott Vacation Club?

In almost every way, the only difference in a market-priced Marriott timeshare resale and a corporate-priced timeshare purchased directly from Marriott is the savings you realize when you buy a Marriott resale. But before you make the commitment to buy a timeshare on the resale market, you should know that originally Marriott owners who had purchased their property as timeshare resale were eligible to be part of Marriott Vacation Club Destinations. This is no longer true. Since 2010, Marriott has divided its timeshare benefits into ownership weeks and ownership points.

If you wish to own a Marriott Vacation club week, buying it as a timeshare resale is almost the only way to purchase a week. Marriott timeshare offers existing owners (owners who purchased Marriott timeshare before the change in 2010) the opportunity to pay a fee and enroll their weeks in the Destinations Exchange Program. Through this program, an owner gains the additional option of trading their week for an allotment of Destinations Points each year.

Initially, owners of resale weeks could also enroll in this program, with this stipulation: If you owned a week in a US or Caribbean resort, you needed to have purchased your resale week prior to June 10, 2010. For owners of weeks in European resorts, the resale week would have to have been purchased prior to June 18, 2012.

BUT this doesn’t mean that you can’t be a resale owner and become part of the Destinations Exchange Program. If this benefit is of value to you, can simply purchase Marriott resale Destination Points.

More about Marriott Timeshare Resales

Destination points are different from Marriott’s Rewards points. Only buyers of Marriott resales purchased through Marriott (at prices set by Marriott Vacation Club) are eligible to trade their weeks for Marriott Rewards points. However, joining the Marriott Rewards program is free and you can do so on your own and at any time, enabling you to take advantage of Marriott’s loyalty rewards program—you just will not be able to trade your Marriott resale vacation ownership week for Marriott Rewards points.

While it sounds confusing, it’s actually harder to read about (or write about!) than it is for someone to explain to you. You can learn more about Marriott timeshare resale weeks ownership here: Marriott Vacation Club Weeks 101. Or visit Marriott Timeshare Resale Information for more details about Marriott Destination points. But your best bet is to call us at 877-815-4227 and speak to a Marriott timeshare resales specialist.