Timeshare Resales

Buying timeshare resales is a smart alternative to buying timeshare directly from a developer.

The timeshare resale industry, though maligned by the misdeeds of many timeshare resale companies, has allowed many people the opportunity to experience the benefits of owning timeshare while paying far less than the original asking price of the property. If you are working with an honest and reliable timeshare resale company, a world of vacation possibilities is at your fingertips.

In earlier posts, I detailed some of the pitfalls encountered by people buying and selling timeshares online, and some ways to tell if your timeshare resale company can deliver what it promises. Because of rampant fraud, the timeshare industry has suffered bad press. In particular, the portion of the industry devoted to timeshare resales has lost a great deal of credibility. It seems that half the sites out there are trying to defraud people of their money, their timeshares, or both.

Fortunately, with major hotel chains investing in lucrative timeshare developments, the timeshare world has been infused with a healthy dose of respectability. Marriott, Hilton, and other giants of the hospitality industry have brought about a significant paradigm shift, causing a renewed interest in the concept of timeshare. Resort developers, in order to compete in a business climate dominated by established hotel brands, have de-emphasized making a fast buck in favor of actually providing the quality service and luxury amenities that the timeshare-owning public demands. By giving timeshare owners what they want, large resort development companies have seen record gains in recent years.

Though it is true that the entire industry has been affected by these changes, the resale side of the timeshare industry has been the slowest to respond. While companies who plan for long-term success have set new standards for the resale community, there still exist unscrupulous timeshare resellers whose only concern is collecting the fees they charge. However, since the advent of the internet, consumers have become more aware, more canny about who they are willing to do business with. Using online resources like the Better Business Bureau is the best way to determine whether any online business can deliver on its promises.

Once you are satisfied that a timeshare resale company is honest as well as effective, an impressive array of vacation possibilities is at your disposal. However, the real beauty of resale timeshares lies in their cost-effectiveness.

Timeshare resort properties produce large profits, but consumers aren’t easily sold. Consequently, roughly half the cost of each new timeshare covers the cost of marketing the property. For example, a brand-new 200-unit resort development would earn $153,000,000. Shockingly, about $76,000,000 of these earnings is spent on sales commissions and enticements for people to sit through lengthy timeshare sales presentations.

  • One person out of every 200 responds to telemarketing and direct mail campaigns advertising new timeshares.
  • The expense of free gifts such as hotel bills, meals and theme park tickets (to lure prospective timeshare buyers into one of those infamous sales presentations): $200.00 – $500.00 for each attendee.
  • People whose sole reason for enduring a timeshare sales pitch is to receive the free gifts (such people are sometimes referred to by the unflattering term of “professional mooch” by certain unsavory characters in the timeshare resort industry): 1 out of every 4.
  • 1 out of every 10 people who are in attendance at a timeshare sales presentation actually buy the property.

It is easy to see why buying a new timeshare directly from a resort developer is so pricey. However, on average, buying a timeshare resale week from an owner costs $5,000, in contrast to the $14,800 asking price of a resort developer. You pay almost 1/3 of the original price of the timeshare property!

Timeshare resales are available all over the world, often costing a small fraction of a developer’s original price. Whether you’re looking to buy, rent, or sell timeshare, SellMyTimeshareNOW can help you.