Hurricane Rita Upgraded to Category 5 Storm

With winds in excess of 165 MPH, hurricane Rita is closing in on the Gulf Coast of Texas, and may damage areas already devastated by Katrina.

The latest report from the National Hurricane Center indicates that hurricane Rita has been upgraded to category 5. This hurricane’s winds exceed 165 miles per hour. The storm is approaching the Gulf Coast of Texas, and landfall is expected by Saturday morning. Galveston, Texas residents and visitors alike are evacuating, as this island city is especially vulnerable to hurricane damage.

Earlier this week, hurricane Rita passed between the Florida Keys and Cuba. Key West homes and businesses reported minimal damage, and the bridges connecting the keys were still structurally sound follwing the storm’s departure.

The Timeshare Owner’s Blog will be following this storm closely over the next several days. For the latest developments on this hurricane, visit the National Hurricane Center at: