Silverleaf Releases Information About Gulf Coast Timeshares

Silverleaf Resorts, a resort company, issued information about the state of Silverleaf’s Texas timeshare resorts following hurricane Rita.

Silverleaf Resorts issued a press release yesterday following hurricane Rita. The Dallas-based company manages two properties on and around the Gulf Coast of Texas, Silverleaf’s Seaside in Galveston and Silverleaf’s Piney Shores Resort, located in Conroe Texas, north of Houston.

Though all four Silverleaf timeshare resorts in Texas escaped with minimal damage, the release also states that significant revenue was lost, due to a temporary suspension of timeshare sales as well as the mandatory evacuations throughout the area.

The entire text of the release can be found at:

This author finds it encouraging that resort companies are trying to keep people informed about changing conditions at timeshare resort locations. This trend may be construed as more evidence that the timeshare industry is moving away from a pattern of obfuscation and is responding to real needs of timeshare owners.