Are Timeshare Resorts Beneficial to Local Economies?

According to a recent online article from the Virginia Gazette, the answer is “yes”.

A recent online article in the Virginia Gazette makes for a good read on a cool autumn night.

Joe Cantrell, vice president for finance at King’s Creek Plantation, answers a variety of questions posed by the Gazette. A decent amount of ARDA data is presented here, along with King’s Crest’s own findings. From what I’ve seen in the industry, I think that this depiction of Williamsburg timeshares could be highly analogous to the state of time-sharing properties anywhere.

Of particular interest is the discussion on the “point of saturation” – a hypothetical condition in which a particular area is over-developed to the point of outpacing the existing demand for timeshares. Though such a condition is not likely to occur anywhere anytime soon, it is somewhat refreshing to see frank discussion on this subject. Then again, it’s nice to absorb timeshare information that doesn’t rely overmuch on “warm sandy beaches” and “ice-cold mai tais”…