Serious Fire Damages Powhatan Plantation

Major property damage resulted, though thankfully no one was hospitalized

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An early-morning fire ripped through one of the buildings at Powhatan Plantation, a timeshare resort located in Williamsburg, Virginia.

The building in question was composed of 14 apartment units. Everyone staying there at the time escaped successfully.

Firefighters began to arrive a mere five minutes after the fire was first reported. It took two hours for the firefighters to rescue the trapped guests and bring the conflagration under control.

What is remarkable about this story is the severity of the fire, coupled with the fact that all guests escaped with their lives. Reports indicated that the fire burned hot enough to make nearby parked cars explode (!) and melt siding from a nearby building, yet miraculously, those inside were rescued, sustaining  minor injuries at worst. 

Few personal belongings survived. Though this is unfortunate, readers would do well to remember that without the timely intervention of the firefighters, the ending to this story could have been much worse.

Praise is due to these firefighters, who were dispatched from three local fire departments: James City, Williamsburg, and York County.

The cause of this fire is still under investigation.

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