Phil Mickelson’s New Timeshare

What he’ll get for the money

A few weeks ago, I wrote about Phil Mickelson’s $3.4 million timeshare/fractional purchase, and I thought you might enjoy learning a little more about what you get for that kind of money. For starters, this is pre-development pricing. Sure the golf course at the property is already constructed, after all, it’s the Old Course at St. Andrews, where they’ve been playing golf since at least as early as the fifteenth century. But the St. Andrews Grand, a renovation of a building that has most recently served as a dormitory at the University of St. Andrews, isn’t scheduled to open for business until 2008. Not that “open for business” means that anyone can just walk in and plunk down his or her $1.5 to 3.4 million—you have to be invited to purchase property there.

When completed, the five-star St. Andrews Grand will have 23 residences, including six penthouses, like the 1,922 square foot penthouse purchased by Phil and Amy Mickelson. All will be three or four bedroom apartments with luxury kitchens. Property ownership includes the privilege to fish for salmon and trout in the River Tay, as well as hunting rights at a nearby estate, golf at numerous courses, his and hers spas, a billiards and game room, limo transportation, a library, and a gourmet dining room.

According to Golf Digest Magazine, the Mickelson’s nine weeks of yearly timeshare/fractional usage at the St. Andrews Grand will come with annual dues reported to be nearly $35,000. For less than Phil Mickelson’s annual dues, you can buy a timeshare of your own in Scotland.