Travel to Summer Timeshare, Even in the Winter

Summer is just getting started at many great vacation destinations.

For US and British travelers, summer is officially over. Children have returned to their schoolbooks, and in many places fall is in the air. But for timeshare owners, it’s always vacation season somewhere!

As the leaves turn from shades of green to gold and russet, and cold weather begins to nip the air, it is easy to forget that in the southern hemisphere, spring is just getting started. And since South Africa and Australia offer some of the best opportunities on the planet to buy timeshare, this may be the right time to start planning your next vacation.

South Africa and Australia are currently great locations for buying timeshares, but let’s look more closely at why. First, you have the climate. Cape Town, South Africa and Sydney, Australia (coincidently both located at 33 degrees 55′ South latitude) are just about the same distance south of the equator as Phoenix, Arizona is north of the equator. This translates to year-round sunshine, with seasons reversed from the way they occur in the northern hemisphere. Both locations are beautiful seaside cities, yet serve as gateways to incredible countryside where you can still easily travel into the bush veldt to see nature unspoiled.

Just as importantly, there is the matter of international currency and an excellent exchange rate. While the rates fluctuate daily, in general terms of today’s economy, every Australian dollar you spend costs you only seventy-five cents in US dollars or about sixty cents in Euros. In South Africa, the dollar return is even more dramatic. The South African rand (which slumped to a three-year low this past week) costs you a mere thirteen cents in US money or about ten cents in Euros.

Think of the possibilities!

You can travel to wonderful destinations like Cape Town, the Drakensberg Mountains, and the KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa, or Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane in Australia. While you are there, enjoy dining, entertainment, golf, safari adventures, or snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef. You’ll be paying your expenses with discounted dollars. Even better, if you buy South Africa or Australia timeshares, and arrange to pay for them in the prevailing currency, you could reap dramatic benefits from the currency conversion alone.

South Africa timeshares and Australia timeshares…they might just be the start of an endless summer vacation.