With Gas Prices Still Going Up, You May Want to Think About Your Timeshare Vacation

Vacationing at a timeshare resort close to home is a great way to stage your own battle against the rising cost of gas.

Vacation at a Timeshare Resale Near Your Home in Your Own War on Gas Prices

Who can predict what will happen to the price of gas over the next few months? Who thought we’d be paying as much as we are now?

I visited the website for GasBuddy.com and their research shows that the travel plans of 31 percent of almost 20,000 people polled were affected by the high price of gas over Easter weekend. Since gas prices today are 29 cents per gallon more on the average than they were then, I can’t help but believe that high gas prices are going to put a damper on a lot of summer vacation plans.

While I hope gas prices improve, I can’t guess what will actually happen to them over the next few months. But I do have a suggestion for dealing with them. Many people think it’s just not a summer vacation unless they load the kids in the car and travel across country. And while those road trips can be great, sometimes the best vacation is a lot simpler, and in this case, a lot cheaper.

This is the perfect year to plan your summer vacation at a timeshare resort that is loaded with amenities—preferably a timeshare vacation resort within easy driving distance from home. Instead of destination hopping on your summer getaway, pick a fabulous timeshare vacation resort and just relax and enjoy being there. Unlike a hotel that may have only a pool or a golf course, many timeshare resorts have golf, pools, lakes for sailing, tennis courts, playgrounds, biking trails, and organized activities—a wide range of facilities and options for every member of your family. You could have a fabulous holiday by simply enjoying your timeshare rental or timeshare resale as a vacation destination, not just a place to sleep.

A press release issued today by Sell My Timeshare NOW quotes me as saying, “Timeshares have proved to be a good vacation solution for many people. We don’t seem to be able to do much about rising costs in this country, but at least, you can buy a timeshare or timeshare resale and lock in the price of vacation accommodations for a lifetime.”

Exchange your interval timeshare for a timeshare resort close to home. And then kick back and enjoy the fact that your vacation isn’t beginning and ending with a tiresome (and pricey) road trip.