The Publishers of Timeshare Perspective Magazine Launch New Website

The publishers of Timeshare Perspective Magazine have launched a new website to help increase communication between the timeshare industry, timeshare owners, and future timeshare owners or renters.

Here’s a new website I think many of you will find interesting. has been created by the people who produce Timeshare Perspective Magazine and Timeshare Staff Network. When you visit the Timeshare Surveys website, you can take or read surveys about timesharing and vacation trends. You can study information from timeshare owners and non-owners. You can also suggest new timeshare survey topics or adaptations to existing surveys.

The timeshare survey website requires you to register your email address in order to participate or even just view the surveys. Other than your email address, however, you do not have to provide any other personal information.

Here’s an example of the type of timeshare information the website covers and the responses it receives:

When asked for their main reason for buying timeshare

  • 28% said it was, “to save money on future holidays”.
  • 39% said it was to “get better standards of accommodations.”
  • And 17% said it was to “visit new & exciting places.”

Other categories of responses included: “to make me break away from work every year,” and “to holiday with family more.” The new survey website offers interesting information about timeshare owners.

The website for Sell My Timeshare NOW is also loaded with information about timeshare ownership, timeshare resales and rentals, and how to buy, rent, or sell timeshare.