Sell My Timeshare NOW is a Four-Year Old Prodigy

You may recall that last week I shared with you the fact that Sell My Timeshare Now is celebrating our fourth year in business.

Sell My Timeshare Now's Fourth Birthday Cake

In our Timeshare Owners Blog I told you that we now have four years of incredible hard work and incredible company growth behind us. Today we are the leader in helping people who want to sell timeshare connect with those who want to buy timeshare or rent timeshare.

It’s been an amazing four years. Even though we are also a bricks and mortar business, most people come to Sell My Timeshare NOW via the internet.

We keep our internet strategists working in high gear to stay on top of the best ways to make it easy and efficient for timeshare owners to sell timeshare and for people who are ready to start enjoying great vacation deals to buy timeshare resales.

The photo of me cutting the company “birthday” cake proves that we do occasionally take a little time off to celebrate our accomplishments.

I am also adding a You-Tube video that has nothing to do with the Sell My Timeshare NOW celebration, but is one of the most remarkable things I have ever seen. This video will give you a whole new perspective on where computers are taking all of us.

The video is a little long – about 6 minutes – but I encourage you to watch it. Stay with it all the way to the end. It will have you thinking about internet-based businesses in a whole new way.