Socialist State Claims Hilton Caracas, but Hilton Timeshare Still Available in Venezuela

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez calls it, “Alba”. It’s a Spanish word that means “dawn” and in Venezuela it stands for a trade initiative that Chavez believes will make the country less dependent on trade with the United States.

When Hilton Hotels and Grand Vacation Club’s operating license to manage the 900-room Hilton Hotel Caracas expired, the government of Venezuela took over the management of the property. The state-managed hotel is described as a “socialist tourism business”.

President Chavez’s plan calls for taking the former Hilton (what he termed as a flagship for international capitalism) into his vision for “Socialism of the 21st Century”.

The London Daily Telegraph, quotes Eustacio Aguilera, the president of Simon Bolivar Centre (the government institution that now owns the hotel) as saying, “Now everyone will have access to a great hotel and be able to enjoy it.”

The irony in this statement is that the least expensive rooms in the Hotel Alba Caracas cost pounds 70 per night, while the average income in Venezuela is around pounds 100 per month. Alas, the inherent flaw in government by a socialist dictatorship rears its head again!

For several months, Hilton has listed the hotel in Caracas as “under renovation”. Guests who have stayed there recently say it is obvious that no renovations have been either commenced or completed in a long time. Descriptions of the hotel’s present condition range from, clean but outdated to downright filthy. Guests describe the service as: poor, substandard, non-existent, and rude.

At this time, Hilton Hotels and Hilton Grand Vacations still manage two other resorts in Venezuela, the Hilton Barquisimeto and the Hilton Margarita & Suites, which is a Hilton timeshare resort.

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