Remembering Missing Westgate Timeshare Employee, Jennifer Kesse

You probably thought my blog on Christmas Eve would be about hearth and home, and in a way, it is.

Over the past few days, Sell My Timeshare NOW has been trying to draw attention to the Natalee Holloway disappearance and to emphasize that the search must continue even though Aruban authorities have closed the case. And at this special time of the year, when we focus so much on family and our blessings, I want to also direct your attention to another family who continues to deal with the anguish of a missing child, the Kesse’s and their daughter, Jennifer.

Jennifer Kesse went missing on January 24, 2005 from her home, or near her home, in Orlando, Florida. If you know Orlando, the time and location make her disappearance even more puzzling. Jennifer was the proud owner of a new condominium, located almost directly across a busy four-lane street from Orlando’s most upscale mall. On two sides of the complex in which she lived are new stores, new restaurants, and typically lots of people and activity. To add to the mystery, investigators do not believe Jennifer disappeared in the middle of the night, but instead went missing on a busy Tuesday morning, during or very near the same time hundreds and hundreds of people were passing through the area in route to work or school.

Jennifer was employed by Westgate Timeshare and was possibly headed to work, or about to leave for work, at the time of her presumed abduction. The founder and CEO of Westgate timeshare, David Siegel, posted an enormous reward for tips leading to Jennifer’s return, hoping to flush out anyone with meaningful information. At this time, there are very few leads in this case; still the search goes forward and Jennifer’s parents continue to keep her story in front of the media.

As you celebrate your holidays, please hold in your heart and prayers the Holloway family, the Kesse family, and the thousands of other families who grieve a missing or abducted child.