Sell My Timeshare NOW Honors Senator John Sununu

Yesterday, here at the Dover, NH offices of Sell My Timeshare NOW, it was our privilege to host a visit from Senator John Sununu. Senator Sununu has a long history of working hard to advance internet technology and has been instrumental in effecting the passage of the 2007 Internet Tax Freedom Act.

As I have written in the Timeshare Owners Blog, so many times, affordable access to the internet is critical. Layering taxes on top of taxes on the use of the internet, including email and wireless devices like Blackberries, could put this vital lifeline out of the reach of many people. Internet based businesses, like Sell My Timeshare NOW’s timeshare resale advertising and marketing services and many other companies, would be seriously impacted by internet taxation.

Because of the efforts of Senator Sununu, and other dedicated lawmakers, the ban on internet access taxation has been extended until November 2014. In keeping with our niche as an internet marketing company, Sell My Timeshare NOW thought it appropriate that the award we gave Senator Sununu be an inscribed silver plated computer mouse.

Senator Sununu’s has said this of past efforts to levy taxes on internet access, “This seven-year ban nearly doubles the House proposal and further strengthens tax protections for e-mails and instant messaging. I will continue to fight for a permanent ban on access taxes, but this is a strong step forward. Taxing the Internet is wrong for consumers and wrong for the economy.”

The Internet Tax Freedom Act passed the House by a vote of 402 to 0. It passed the Senate in a unanimous voice vote, and was then signed into law by President George W. Bush.