Green Gets Greener at Marriott Vacation Club Timeshares

About a month ago, the Timeshare Owners Blog carried a post titled, Marriott Timeshare Is Turning Green. We told you about a corporate effort by Marriott to increase environmentally conservative practices by employees of their hotels and timeshare resorts. The plan calls for more emphasis on recycling and an expanded use of recycled materials.

But the green at Marriott hotels and timeshare resorts has just gotten greener, and this time , they are going green on the greens – the golf greens and fairways.

Environmentally Conscious Timeshare Resort Golf Courses

When the Doral Golf Resort & Spa Hotel and Timeshare in Miami hosted the World Golf Championships last week, they became the first Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary in North America to host a World Golf Championships event. And Marriott Golf is following this accomplishment by requiring 34 of the Marriott managed golf courses at 25 locations to become Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuaries by the end of 2008.

The Audubon Cooperative Sanctuaries honor certain golf facilities for their efforts to protect the environment by enhancing wildlife habitats and natural areas. To achieve an Audubon Certification, a golf center must prove that it achieves and maintains the highest degree of environmental quality in areas that include wildlife and habitat management, community outreach, educational efforts, minimized use of chemicals, water conservation, water quality management, and environmental planning.

Currently Marriott Golf has six hotel or timeshare resort golf courses that are operated in accordance with the Audubon standards. These resorts are the Ritz-Carlton Members Club in Sarasota, Stone Mountain Golf Club in Georgia, Doral Golf Resort in Miami, and two other Florida courses.

In a press release issued by the Environmental News Service, Kevin Fletcher, director of Audubon International was quoted as saying, “We are elated with the level of commitment Marriott is showing by mandating Audubon Certification across their portfolio of golf courses…These proven environmental management practices will help preserve the natural heritage of the game of golf for many generations to come.”

Marriott Timeshare Resales

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