Perspective Magazine to Launch New Publication for Timeshare Owners

Perspective Magazine, a leading timeshare industry publication

The highly respected timeshare industry publication, Perspective Magazine, has announced plans to launch an independent consumer magazine for timeshare owners. The publication will target people who own timeshares, or who have timeshare points, fractional ownership, private residence club ownership, or other similar types of vacation ownership products.

In a very short time, Perspective Magazine has become the most-read, independent business-to-business publication in the timeshare and vacation club industry, so there is every reason to expect their new publication, Owners Perspective, to be equally relevant and successful.

According to Paul Mattimoe, president and CEO of Perspective International Ltd., “Rather than trying to adapt Perspective Magazine to suit owners also, we have decided to launch a second publication specifically for them. This way we can take the core content of the original magazine, but then tailor the rest to suit the consumer rather than the business side of the industry, providing both a much-needed independent resource for existing and potential owners, as well as a new and diverse advertising platform for businesses.”

The Director of Communications at Sell My Timeshare NOW, Steve Luba, agrees that this new publication will fill an important niche, saying, “Owners Perspective will get important industry information to timeshare owners and will be unlike the newsletters sent out by timeshare development companies, which tend to be more self-promotional than industry informative.”

Like Perspective Magazine, there will be no charge to receive the online version of Owners Perspective, and interested readers can sign up now for the publication scheduled to launch in July, at: