Timeshare Owners Boring? Not a Chance; They’re Thrill Seekers

Hotels Magazine just published a very interesting article based on a newly release report titled, “Future Timeshare Buyers: 2008 Market Profile“, which includes data collected for the Ypartnership/Yankelovich, Inc. 2008 National Leisure Travel MONITOR (sm).

For so many years, we have been told that the average timeshare buyer is a middle age, middle to upper income, and middle-of-the-road type individual buying timeshare for vacation security. But this study, developed exclusively for Interval International, paints a very different picture of today’s timeshare owner and timeshare buyer.

The study collected data during January and February of 2008, and included a sampling of the population of US adults who are active (current) leisure travelers. All of those participating in the timeshare profile study had taken at least one trip of 75 miles or more from their home that required overnight accommodations, for the purpose of vacation or leisure.

Much to the surprise of even seasoned experts in the timeshare resort industry, the people who expressed an interest in buying timeshare were not your security seeking, ‘take me to the same place every year,’ types. Instead, they show a, “greater zest for life, are more interested in trying new things, and taking risks.”

“What’s perhaps most interesting,” said Howard A. Bendell, director of market research and analysis for Interval International, “is that while the demography of potential timeshare buyers is largely reflective of Boomers, the psychographics are more akin to attributes more often related to Generations X and Y.”

You Already Knew This about Buying Timeshare

If you are a timeshare owner who falls into the Baby Boomer profile, you know that the label, ‘boring’ does not fit you. You didn’t buy timeshare because you wanted to experience the ‘same ole thing’ every year; you are likely to have bought it because your life is so busy and so full that you recognize timeshare as a way to ensure your vacation, even during your busiest times. According to Hotels.com, “This group can also be characterized as individuals chasing originality, expressed by their pursuit of new experiences. They prefer traveling to places that are more than just entertainment, where they can also get a sense of participation, and spending their money on life-enriching experiences.”

So all you Boomers, who have shied away from buying timeshare because you feared it was too staid, and just not cool enough for you, there is no reason to hold back any longer. The research is in, and it says that timeshare owners are not sitting back in a rocking chair, but are instead vital, proactive people, who are serious about living their life to the fullest.

Check in on The Timeshare Authority Blog tomorrow, for more facts from the “Future Timeshare Buyers: 2008 Market Profile”.