Is a Timeshare Vacation a Matter of Life or Death?

While it sounds drastic to say, cutting out your timeshare vacation could be hazardous to your health. According to an article that appeared on one study shows that, “… women who vacation at least twice a year have 50 percent less chance of dying of heart disease compared with those who don’t take vacations. Likewise, men who take more-frequent vacations reduce their risk of dying of heart disease by almost 30 percent.”

The article goes on to quote Dr. Mel Borins, (author of Go Away: Just for the Health of It), an authority on the medical benefits of vacationing, a proponent of the health advantages of timesharing, and a timeshare owner himself. Dr. Borins says, “To ensure I use my vacation time, I became a timeshare owner and joined RCI’s timeshare exchange program to help create a structure for vacationing in my life. It ensures that I take at least one seven-day vacation every year.”

Dr. Borins points out that because timeshares represent a pre-paid vacation, we are more likely to take them rather than work through our vacation time. He calls timeshare vacations a ‘no surprises’ solution to vacationing, meaning that with very little preplanning, you can enjoy a relaxing and luxurious timeshare vacation, knowing before you go that the resort will meet your standards for safety and on-site amenities. Lastly, Dr. Borins points out that timeshare units essentially represent a home away from home, allowing you the features you are accustomed to, including the opportunity to prepare your own meals, avoiding restaurant foods that may not be well suited to your health and dietary needs.

These days, when everyone is cutting corners, perhaps cutting out your vacation time, is not the healthiest choice. Instead, look at the values available to you in timeshare resales and timeshare rentals so that you enjoy the health benefits of a vacation, without breaking the bank in the process.