Timeshare Developer Has His Day in Court

The Timeshare Authority reported yesterday that Sandy Grey, chairman of the Timeshare Consumers’ Association, has been found guilty by a London court of libeling others in the timeshare industry through his website, Crimeshare.

According to the OTE e-News (Organisation for Timeshare in Europe), “Alexander ‘Sandy’ Grey was ordered to pay substantial costs of the legal action, brought by Bob Trotta, founder and chairman of Resort Properties. Mr. Justice Eady ordered that Grey pay Mr. Trotta’s costs in proving his responsibility for publication with £25,000 to be paid within 21 days of the court judgement, made on 28th October.”

Trotta, developer of several timeshare resorts in Tenerife, and other timeshare industry interests in Malta and Italy, is credited with diligently pursuing the facts necessary to expose Grey. The courts described Trotta’s efforts as a “painstaking exercise” to collate substantial witness and expert evidence in order to reveal the truth about Grey. In September 2007, a court in Spain, determined that an earlier version of Crimeshare had also made an unlawful attack on Bob Trotta’s reputation.

Persons who worked with Grey stated that overall, he represented himself as a friend of the consumer, all the while tearing down his competitors in order to enhance his own credibility within the timeshare industry.

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